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@SmokeyRobotic – The Shark & The Helicopter [Music Video]

@SmokeyRobotic – The Shark & The Helicopter [Music Video]

Through the mind of a passionate painter, a brush stroke of his dreams. The Robin Hood of ice cream, the Waltzing King of the streets, the mad bunny hops along the sizzling pavement pursued by a pink helicopter and suspicious eyes. Don’t blink.

The song is the first track off their third album, The Shark & The Helicopter, released in July of 2011. The video brings back the abstract visuals and concepts that first attracted fans to Smokey Robotic and had them singing, “Avo avo avocado, avocado that’s my motto, gibberish hot sauce baby I’m the king…”

Written by Sam Falconi and Zachary “Seer” Field.
Directed by Sam Falconi.
Edited by Oliver Noble.

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