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Is Facebook Building Non-User Profiles?

Is Facebook Building Non-User Profiles?

Ireland‘s Data Protection Commissioner filed a lawsuit against Facebook in August claiming that the social network is creating “extensive profiles”of non-users with information gleaned from the profiles of its 800 million users.

“Facebook Ireland is gathering excessive amounts of information about data subjects without notice or consent by the data subject,” the filing reads.

Facebook categorically denies the claim.

“The allegations are false,” Facebook spokesman Andrew Noyes told “We enable you to send emails to your friends, inviting them to Facebook. We keep the invitee’s email address and name to let you know when they join the service. This practice is common among almost all services that involve invitations — from document sharing to event planning.”

This is not the first time such an allegation has occurred. In 2007, consumer watch groups claimed Beacon was collecting and storing non-member user data as well. Facebook also denied that those transgressions were happening.

And it’s likely there is not anything to the latest claim, either.

But as Facebook grows larger and people store more and more information on its servers about themselves and their friends, this will continue to be an issue for Mark Zuckerberg and the company.


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