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Eufaula City School Officials Urge Dads To Get Involved

Eufaula City School Officials Urge Dads To Get Involved

Fathers of Eufaula City School students will have several opportunities to volunteer at their child’s school during the 2011-2012 school year.

One way is through the “Million Father March.” This program, launched by the Chicago-based Black Star Project, encourages fathers to escort their kids to the first day of class. The first day of class for ECS students is Thursday, Aug. 4.

This school year, states the NorthStar News & Analysis, the program also wants dads to volunteer 10 hours during the academic year at their child’s school. The Black Star Project also urges big brothers, uncles, grandfathers, male cousins and other male figures to participate in the program.

Emily Jackson, assistant principal at Eufaula Primary School, approves of the project.
“We would love for any dad to walk his children in for the first day,” she states in a recent email.
The Million Father March begins Monday, Aug. 1 and ends Sept. 15. The program is now in its eighth year.
Another way dads can be active in their kid’s school is through Eufaula Elementary School‘s FBI program.
FBI (Fathers Being Involved) will be in its third year at EES beginning Thursday. The program encourages students‘ fathers to volunteer at the school. This school year, EES Principal Reeivice Girtman says FBI dads will be required to volunteer for 15 hours. “Volunteering” could mean reading a book to his kid’s class, chaperoning field trips, eating lunch with his child or grading papers.


FBI‘s counterpart program MIA (Moms In Action) offers volunteer opportunities for students‘ mothers. Parents that complete 15 hours of volunteer time get a free FBI or MIA t-shirt.


Since their inception in 2009, the programs have had 20 fathers and 15 mothers to participate. Girtman says that students seeing adults (especially male adults) that aren’t faculty at EES walking the halls is very important.


“Many of our students don’t have fathers in their homes. Father figures play a significant role in the lives of young children. Just seeing (adult males) walking around the school and being involved (in the school‘s daily routines) makes a big impression on our kids,” says Girtman.


Those interested in participating in the FBI/MIA programs may contact EES at 687-1134, consult the EES handbook or attend the EES open house Tuesday, Aug. 2, at 5:30 p.m. at the Eufaula City Auditorium.


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