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NPD: Wireless Content Trackers

NPD: Wireless Content Trackers

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NPD’s growing portfolio of information offerings for the wireless industry covers who’s buying mobile devices, which mobile applications and services they are using, and why they are using them. We’ve just added two more services for an even better view of the quickly-evolving wireless market: Mobile Music Track and Mobile Game Track.

They listen to mobile music, and we listen to them
With Mobile Music Track, marketers of wireless devices, content, and services can, for the first time, drill down to the genre- and title-level in the U.S. mobile music and ringtone market. It also provides detailed information on cross-media music listening, buying behavior, consumer demographics, and attitudes. This robust monthly data is based on surveys completed by members of our online consumer panel.

“Ringtones have become very popular among consumers – especially teens and young adults who use them as personal identifiers that broadcast the type of music they want to be identified with to friends and strangers alike,” said Neil Strother, NPD’s research director for mobile devices, content, and services. “Mobile Music Track explores the market for mobile digital music and ringtones to help our clients understand what matters most to consumers, and how they can tailor their products and marketing efforts to meet consumers’ needs.”

Mobile Music Track monitors consumers’ spending patterns, demographics, satisfaction, and future purchase intent to give companies a clear view of the mobile music industry landscape.

Today’s competitive mobile gaming market – win the game with information
Mobile Game Track, based on the same methodology used to compile and analyze our mobile music data, examines consumer spending and usage related to mobile games. It’s the only source for title-level tracking and consumer insight for the exploding U.S. mobile games market, where timely, in-depth information is critical. Mobile Game Track combines our extensive knowledge of the traditional video games market with expert insight into mobile gamers’ product satisfaction, ownership, and future purchase intent.

“We now have a window into the purchasing behavior and demographics of the consumers who buy mobile games. It’s no surprise that they tend to be younger consumers, but there are plenty of surprises in the data,” Strother said. “Mobile Game Track goes right to consumers to help marketers understand topics like price consciousness and the genres consumers are most likely to purchase. It’s important information for understanding and marketing to the consumers who drive this fast-growing market.”


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