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12Yr Old Girl Discovers All USA Presidents Related To King Lackland

Disclose.tv12Yr Old Girl Discovers All USA Presidents Related Video

Says uploader:

The reason this video is pertinent to this channel is because I have displayed earlier video’s calling into question whether we won the Revolutionary war, the War of 1812, or did we lose control of our country via the Actions of Franklin Delano Roosevelt, Woodrow Wilson, or during the Bush/Clinton Monarchy? What happened and at what point did we the people lose control of our nation?

What is clear although the United States is the most powerful military industrial complex in the world, is that we give multi-millions of dollars in aid to countries like Israel among others.

What is also clear is that we do not coin our own money but ‘rent’ and use a Federal Reserve System which is neither Federal nor a Reserve.

” Give me control of a nation‘s money, and I care not who writes her laws”
-Meyer Amschel Rothschlild

The United Nations has documented that after the Taliban took control of Afghanistan and was initially empowered to do so by the actions of the CIA, something unexpected happened.

The Taliban believing they were carrying out the will of God under the Muslim law began eradicating the opium fields that supply the worlds illegal heroin. They were proving to be very successful at this as they had reduced the poppy fields from 100,000 plus hecta-acres to as little as 7000 hecta-acres nearly wiping out the world’s supply of illicit heroin production.

Only after US led troops suspiciously entered Afghanistan under the guise of Taliban sponsored terrorism and removed them from power did the opium fields make a comeback and what a comeback it made under the Bush Regime.

Opium production recovered to near record levels and the Taliban though never claiming responsibility for the events of 911, and never being charged officially with the alleged crimes by the FBI have been labeled as terrorists ever since.

Now we must ask ourselves who would benefit the most from the continued sale of heroin? Who initially made their fortune from the sale of opium to China and then proceed to launder that money into the United States Stock Market?

Some believe there is enough evidence to show the Queen of England was a major benefactor although it is somehow dubious to assume that the British Monarchy are the sole benefactors of the world-wide sale of illicit heroin.

When you follow the money, connect the dots, and objectively review the history of the United States, one begins to question who the major benefactors are to the actions of the United States and it does not seem to always be the United States.

This suggests that we are a pawn manipulated by larger more powerful hidden forces as our actions do not always benefit the United States or their proclaimed interest.

This discovery by a young school girl once again raises the question, have we ever in the history of our nation ever been in control of our destiny or have we just been led to believe so because we were told it to be true in our schools.

How is it that the United States has had to declare bankruptcy about every 70 years since its inception?

How is it that Deutsche Bank of Germany would be the largest benefactor if all the homes in the United States were foreclosed upon?

How is it that this supposed bailout of AIG allowed for most of that money to pass through AIG and end up in the coffers of Societe Generale Bank?

It was not a simple bailout but a debt or ransom that had to be paid for a reason other than what the general public as told and even after 100 years of labor of the taxpayers was moved out of this country in the blink of an eye, we are left again near bankrupted as a nation.

It would be most beneficial to the United States to coin its own money rather than use a system of money that keep us forever in debt, yet we continue to use this Federal Reserve System that is beyond the scope of an audit and though this audit would prove that our interests are not being placed first and likely expose the beneficiary(s) as a foreign entity and our handlers as treasonous we cannot seem to get legislation passed that would preserve our best interests as a nation. The amount of foreign interest in the USA is literally staggering.

It all begs the question, if we are not in charge of our nation and things destructive to our nation‘s well being can be accomplished cloak and dagger by a select few (as NAFTA clearly demonstrated) then who has infiltrated our system and what are their intentions?


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