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Mumia Abu Jamal – The Method Of Their Madness

Mumia Abu Jamal – The Method Of Their Madness

Across America, jowls are tightened and hearts race over rising gas prices, which in turn hikes prices all along the line of product distribution, as manufacturers and merchandisers add their increased transportation costs to prices.

Americans are surly, shaking their fists at Arab potentates, dreaming wild dreams of desert conquests that will bring this vital natural resource under U.S. control.

What the average American doesn’t know is that less than 20% of all imported oil comes from the Middle East, and that the reason for much of the heightened prices is because of pure speculation — and fear stoked by news stories of rising unrest in the region.

And what event caused the greatest unrest in the last 25 years? The Iraq War. THE IRAQ WAR!

And the unrest has sent oil prices spiking upwards. For example, on the eve of the war, oil sold at $30 a barrel. By Spring 2008, it was $126 a barrel. Today it’s $108 per barrel.

Still, for the last few years, Exxon Mobil made more money on petroleum sales than any company in the history of capital!

Last year, Exxon made $30 billion in profits! $30 BILLION!

In an interesting recent interview with USA Today’s Maria Bartiromo, Exxon CEO, Rex Tillerson told her that there were no supply problems. He said, “What’s reflected in the price is the uncertainty around what might happen in the months or years ahead if there are further interruptions in supply” (USA Today, 4/18/11, 381.)

Did you get that? There are no supply problems, but there might be some a few months or years from now, so we raise the price. In Ebonics (also known as Black Vernacular English [BVE], it might be translated thus: “We gon’ git mo’ money, mo’ cake, mo’ chedda, no matter whut, suckas!”

For these ends, wars are fought, tens, even hundreds of thousands are slain, the constitution is shredded, the economy is bottomed out, schools are hollowed out, and politicians are but prostitutes in suits (with apologies to honest prostitutes!)

Terrorism is a chimera; a political tool to mask deeper economic drives to dominate and control the world’s sole remaining natural resource: oil.

There is a method to this madness: It’s called profit.


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