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Guest Blog: Not Drinking The Kool-Aid Or Eating The “Beef” By Hueyette Freeman

Guest Blog: Not Drinking The Kool-Aid Or Eating The “Beef” By Hueyette Freeman


Props: CartoonsByJ 

Lil’ Kim – Ladies Night Feat Missy Elliot, Angie Martinez & Left Eye

Nicki Minaj – Warning

Foxy Brown’s – Foxy’s Bells

Jean Grae – Uh-Oh (1st Verse)

I know the Lil’ Kim-Foxy Brown-Nicki Minaj “beef” (yes, I use that
word very loosely) is getting as old as “thugs” dressed in skinny
jeans tucked in Uggs, but let’s have a serious dialogue about this. As
long as Lil’ Kim keeps walking around in I.R.S. shirts and
hats—“international rockstars,” not the folks who took all her worldly
possessions a few years back, and Nicki Minaj continues to eerily be
reminiscent of the ‘95 Kim, this is going to continue to be on our
minds… Oh, and no Foxy is pretty irrelevant in the grand scheme of
things. To discuss her in any aspect beyond the $100,00 she’s
currently being sued for would be the equivalent of trying to debate
if Foxy Brown could even hear her own diss record—just impractical.
Same goes for Jacki-O who has decided to join the melee, firing
paintballs (because “Bang, Bang” is nowhere near silver bullet-type
shots) at “Kimmy Blanco.

Lil Kim – Big_Momma Thang

Nicki Minaj – Go Hard

Jean Grae_A-Alikes

 This “beef” is being played out on two levels—in the music and in the
business sector. Musically, we might be quick to declare that Nicki is
the champ for a few reasons such as, newer, more relevant material,
verses on everyone and their mom’s tracks, and of course, the backing
of Young Money. But what is Nicki doing that Kim has not already done? 

Time warp back to the mid-90s… Even with competition from Inga
Marchand, Lil’ Kim dropped the freshest material coming from a female
emcee, had bars on every other track getting spin on the radio, and
rolled with the one and only squad at the time, Junior Mafia. Did
Biggie write her rhymes? Who knows, probably so. But we’d be smoking
some potent shit if we think Wayne (or Drake) is not handing off some
lyrics to Nicki. Just Youtube some of those “freestyles”… ooey, gooey,


Kim did it first and did it well, but we must ask, has her time
passed? The short answer is yes. But hasn’t she’s done enough to
relax, get all the plastic surgery she wants, and pick stupid fights
with bisexual Barbie dolls? 

Granted, on the business side of things, Nicki is massacring Kim. From
the limited edition MAC lipgloss, to the reality show, to the actual
album sales, Wayne has groomed her for major, crossover success. Yes,
recycled Lil’ Kim gimmicks are in part fueling those achievements, and
it is apparent that Nicki has mastered the art of biting, but we can’t
deny that she does have some degree of talent. 

“Roman’s Revenge” is about Kim and the response was “Black Friday,”
but since Roman is a little boy that lives inside of Nicki, right
there is the only proof that this entire “beef” is brainless. This is
more like the person who brings the lowly knife, instead of the AK-47
to the gunfight. 


What’s worse than this ridiculous “beef” filled with ridiculous women,
is the fact that we actually discuss it as if it’s an actual beef.
This is no Boogie Down vs. Juice Crew, no Common vs. Westside
Connection, not even T.I. versus Lil’ Flip. I wish we could discuss a
real beef, a real injustice like the People vs. the pigs. Or, our Kids
vs. this nation’s trash ass public school systems. Those are real
beefs! That’s what facebook gangsters and twitter all-stars need to be
up in arms about. Not this bs centered on women who think resembling a
fictitious white doll will get them one step closer to heaven… The
devil is buying a lot of Black women’s souls lately for the real

Nonetheless, I’ve said all this to simply say… Jean Grae will devour
all these chicks. 

Point blank. 
-Jennifer Wilmot 

Jean Grae – Love Song

Jean Grae – Bridge

Jean Grae – Supa Luv

Jean Grae – 8th

Jean Grae – Love Thirst Produced By 9th Wonder

Jean Grae – Style Wars

Jean Grae – Mean Jean

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