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Stranger Than Fiction: The 14 Year Old Murder Case Of Biggie Smalls Reopened

Not to be confused with this…

Authorities say the nearly 14-year-old case of the murder of Christopher “Biggie Smalls” Wallace in Los Angeles has been “reinvigorated” by new information and federal and local law enforcement are once again actively investigating the Brooklyn rapper’s death, according to CNN.
Wallace’s 1997 death, along with the murder of Tupac Shakur six months earlier, has long been one of the most-debated tragedies in hip-hop. Were the deaths the result of an East Coast-West Coast beef between Puff Daddy‘s Bad Boy Entertainment and Suge Knight‘s Death Row Records? Were the deaths outgrowths of the violent world both Biggie and 2Pac rapped about? Or were the deaths simply a coincidence?
Retired Los Angeles Police Detective Russell Poole told CNN that he believes Knight was behind both murders – 2Pac’s because he was planning on leaving Knight’s label and Biggie’s because of the beef with Puff Daddy’s label. Knight has denied any involvement and was actually in prison on a parole violation at the time of Biggie’s death.
The lack of closure on these cases has dogged hip-hop for years, with critics using the deaths as examples of the effect of the genre’s sometimes violent lyrics. Wonder what all those critics of hip-hop will say if these murders turn out to have been caused by business issues and not music-related ones? Let’s hope answers finally come – not just for Biggie and 2Pac’s familes, but for hip-hop fans as a whole.


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