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I Am Not A Rapper Presents: ___ Podcast – Season 1,Episode 2 – #ThePodcastAboutNothing

Aaand we're back with another podcast full of random goodies. This past Sunday in our nerd laboratory we had a group discussion about six headlines in today’s media (including the words of the day). Our group discussion featured Ms. Melissa x Ms. Si x Kevin Golden x Spit x Mr. Blair which = Head... Read more...

I Am Not A Rapper x Dj Nastee Naj x Eric Blair: #ClassicFriday Vol 1 – #ClassicBadBoy

Music Playlist at So the story goes that #ClassicFriday was just a trending topic that I made up one day to make fun of Nick Cannon. The term "classic" is overrated these days & is thrown around like "N*gga" or "Swag"...recklessly. The irony in Nick Cannon (or most of these o... Read more...

Stranger Than Fiction: The 14 Year Old Murder Case Of Biggie Smalls Reopened

Not to be confused with this... Authorities say the nearly 14-year-old case of the murder of Christopher “Biggie Smalls” Wallace in Los Angeles has been “reinvigorated” by new information and federal and local law enforcement are once again actively investigating the Brooklyn rapper's d... Read more...