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IAmNotADictionary Word Of the Day: Jawn

IAmNotADictionary Word Of the Day: Jawn

IAmNotADictionary Word Of the Day: Jawn – A word used in Philadelphia (now worldwide) to describe any noun whose appropriate word could not be recalled by the brain in the necessary time. You can tell the general education level of the user of said word by how many times they use it in a sentence.

yo i went to that jawn down at the plat, yo there were like 6 jawns down there man you shoulda whipped out the ’97 jawn picked up a couple jawns and came down, pussy
2. Philly slang meaning just about anything, its an All purpose Pro-noun. Not to be confused with Drawin(another philly slang word which is pronounced similiar, most non-philly natives think they hearing the same word when they are both often used.)
There are many Categories of Jawn’s when used to refer to a female. See: Side-Jawn=chick on the side
Old-Head Jawn=some older woman
Big Jawn=fat girl
Young-Jawn= a young girl
Spanish-Jawn= a spanish girl
Germantown-Jawn= a girl from gemantown
When used to describe a female, its usually a derogatory term
Mike: Did you see the new Jordans’s?
Chris: Yeah, those jawn’s are hot!!

Bob: I’m going to the bar with the jawn I met last night


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  1. Shyaine
    December 30th, 2010 14:41

    Laugh out loud funny!!! CTFU @ the examples!!



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