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#IAmNotADictionary Word Of The Day: Ovary-acting

#IAmNotADictionary Word Of The Day: Ovary-acting


#IAmNotADictionary Word Of The Day: Ovary-acting: When a woman has the tendency to aggrandize or amplify a situation when it is completely unnecessary, similar to a woman during PMS or her actual menstruation cycle; When a man takes on the stereotypical tendencies of a woman during PMS.

Ex 1: 

Him: Babe pass me that remote please

Her: But its all the way on the other side of the bed. Why don’t you tell THAT BITCH to hand you the remote. I bet you she’ll hand you more than a remote. Who do you think I am? Your maid? Your servant? i don’t work for you

Him: Yo…… stop ovary-acting

Ex: 2:

Homie 1: Wasup? You ready to go yet?

Homie 2: Naw fam, my stomach hurts, I think I’m a fall back

Homie 1: ……..What? What you mean? Your period on or something? Stop ovary-acting



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