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F*ck Outta Here: TV Johnny Has A “TV Johnny” Chain

F*ck Outta Here: TV Johnny Has A “TV Johnny” Chain

I learned 3 things from this picture:

1. Chamillionaire cut his hair (I dont follow him enough to know these sort of things…nor do I care)

2. The Nuvo poster on the far right tells me that whoever that is in the mirror holding a trophy was most likely T-Pain…which also helped me realize that wherever there is coonery or niggadry & Flava Flav, Wacka Flocka (who that very well could be in that green fitted), or is not present… T-Pain will be there to pick up the slack

3. TV Johnny doesnt care about black people. ( © Kanye West) …or himself

Bonus: You dont have to be a “nigga”…to be a nigga


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