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DNA Tests Find Hitler Not “Pure” Or “Aryan”

DNA Tests Find Hitler Not “Pure” Or “Aryan”

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German dictator and Nazi leader Adolf Hitler would certainly turn in his grave if he was told that his ancestors were actually Jewish and African. That is what new DNA tests are reported to reveal.

The tests were conducted on saliva samples taken from 39 of Hitler’s relatives. The samples were gathered by a Belgian journalist, Jean-Paul Mulders, and a historian, Marc Vermeeren, who tracked down the relatives.

The revelation of these DNA tests is that the protagonist of the “Pure Blood-driven Aryan theory,” Hitler, actually belongs to the same groups he had pledged to exterminate.

Mulders embarked on the quest to investigate Hitler’s DNA after he came across a napkin dropped by the dictator’s great-nephew, Alexander Stuart-Houston, a New York resident. Another sample came from a farmer, identified as Norbert H, an Austrian cousin of the dictator.

The testing found that a form of “Y” chromosome found in the relatives, though rare in Germany and Western Europe, was quite common among the Jewish as well as the North African communities.

This has led to the genetic experts to speculate that Hitler’s relatives must have been migrants who chose to settle down in his homeland.

According to Mulders, the chromosome is most commonly found in the Berbers of North Africa as well as Ashkenazi and Sephardic Jews.

The research findings were published in the journal Knack, which said the tests were conducted under stringent laboratory conditions.



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  1. echo
    March 28th, 2011 16:55

    p.s. – your overuse of the f-bomb doesnt make you sound any smarter.


    • March 28th, 2011 20:26

      I agree once again


  2. September 25th, 2010 9:12

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  3. uranidiot
    September 4th, 2010 18:40

    this is SO FUCKING RETARDED, hitler wasnt PART JEWISH. Hebrew is a RELIGION YOU IDIOTS. Thats like saying “oh he was part christian too” HES NOT FUCKING JEWISH because he was an atheist. I hate hitler myself, but you people make no sense when you speak you fucking morons. He may be part African but part jewish, get the correct facts fuck heads.


    • September 15th, 2010 9:07

      Tell me some more that you know about Hitler Mr uranidiot


      • echo
        March 28th, 2011 16:54

        whatever that guy said is not true – Judaism IS a race. you can be of the religion of jews, or be born a jew.


        • March 28th, 2011 20:26

          Exactly. At least I’m not alone on that one


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