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Childless British Couple Builds A Robot Child Companion

Childless British Couple Builds A Robot Child Companion

Meet Aimec, the creation of Tony and Judie Ellis, a robot building couple from South-East England. Aimec follows them around their 18th century country home, cracking jokes, laughing, and searching online for interesting things to tell its parents, just like a real kid.

Aimec is also adept at imitating vintage robot voices, and is said to do a mean C-3PO. It even snores when you put it to sleep, and wakes up with a little stretch.

The couple runs a robotics company called Conceptioneering out of their house, and made their fortune with a game called Cube World. Tony expects Aimec could be on the market within a year or two, selling for an impossibly low sounding $300.

Am I the only person who finds this all kind of creepy?

COMMENT: From all appearances, this couple has simply utilized their innovative skills to make a companion after choosing not to have children, and that’s great. At the same time, it seems prescient to warn of the dystopic world already predicted by the 1972 film “Zero Population Growth” where depopulation has been forced by a world government who ban

childbearing and force couples to accept a cheap substitute– plastic robotic dolls who cry out ‘Mommy’ and demand attention, but are anything but real children. Of course, countries like China have already imposed a one child policy, and a world where having children is banned altogether is not out of the question– if the globalists aren’t challenged and prevented from bringing their scientific dictatorship to complete fruition.

ZPG: Zero Population Growth (1972)



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