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They’re Laughing At You Now: Officer Bawse Feat. Jay-Z – Free Mason [CDQ]

They’re Laughing At You Now: Officer Bawse Feat. Jay-Z – Free Mason [CDQ]

I umm… Maybe I need to listen to this again before I give an opinion but…yeah, whoever helped the cop write his verse kinda knows what they’re talking about…I think. I wasn’t really paying attention so I feel like I might’ve missed something…

Update: Ok so on 2nd listen, this song was pretty much supposed to throw us off the scent but I mean, come on! *Rob Corddry voice*… Listen for yourself.

Rick Ross ft. Jay-Z & John Legend – Free Mason (prod. The Inkredibles) [CDQ] | Mediafire | Clean

Bonus: Capone-N-Noreaga feat. Nas – With Me (prod. Buckwild) | Mediafire



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