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F*ck Outta Here: “New” Ice Cube

F*ck Outta Here: “New” Ice Cube

Its been a while since I did one of these, but its necessary…

Ice Cube, you’re a gangsta rap legend. What the f*ck are you doing to yourself? Have you been illuminated or something? You had to because you’re losing your mind *No Plies*. Yeah you made a few kids movies & that horrible movie with Mike Epps & Young Jeezy but Tupac had a nose ring & thought he was Bishop…everyone has their faults. Now you wanna rap again huh? What brings this about O’shea? Bored with homosexual hollywood? Reminiscing about the good ole’ N.W.A. days? Wondering where all your street cred went? (probably the same place Ice T’s went)  You come out repping the old west but then you come out dissing a bunch of rappers (namely newer west coast representers) & then cop a plea. That sounds like you’re from the new west (i.e. The Game or Game or Jayceon…whatever). So what really is your aim? Are you gonna let this album flop (“I Rep That West” has a good beat but the lyrics suck) then make a movies about it? Or are you gonna put a bunch of Mike Epps skits on it & feature Lil Bow Wow? Did you think dressing up like Carlos Mencia on the cover was gonna give it that Wild Wild West feel? Well you were wrong O’Shea. How about a Dodger hat & some Dickies? Thats the type of music we’re looking for on this album. Nobody wants to hear new Ice Cube sounding  like Russell Red, we want old Ice Cube sounding like Craig.

A little bit of gangsta music with a postitve message (sometimes)… Whats so hard about that?

“New” Ice Cube…F*ck Outta Here


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