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S.K. (@PhillySK) – Real Deal [Music Video]

S.K. (@PhillySK) – Real Deal [Music Video]

“Born with a gift, I’m just putting it to work…” 

S.K. goes hard over a Drake favorite: 9 A.M. in Dallas. The is the first video from his mid-2011 release Smoking Mirrors Check him out!

Real Deal
Smoking Mirrors
Dir. by Mark Randall III @MR3rd
The opportunity to turn one’s love and passion into something real is rare, yet since 2008 hip-hop artist S.K. has aimed to make a career of it. Hailing from Philadelphia’s Uptown section (Mt. Airy), S.K.’s music inspires and speaks to hip-hop lovers in particular and overall music lovers alike. “I feel I am more dedicated and also more versatile than other artists.”
“All of the trials and tribulations that I been through just inspire me to make better music.” This inspiration makes for an unmatched drive, just three years into his music career, S.K. has done a great deal of work. S.K. has headlined shows, made radio appearances, and been featured on others musical projects. In prior years S.K. has released one mixtape and two albums. In 2011, S.K. released two projects, The Progression (April 2011) and Smoking Mirrors (October 2011).


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