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Jae Millz Arrested Before XXL Concert Last Night

Jae Millz Arrested Before XXL Concert Last Night

As fate would have it, Jae Millz was arrested last night in New Jersey prior to XXL’s concert at the Highline Ballroom. Apparently, he was set to appear during Cam’Ron and Vado’s set. Earlier this week, the rapper created a sh*tstorm firestorm after questioning the magazine’s freshman 10 selections.

Aaaaaand just in case you arent familiar with Jae Millz (which you  probably arent), get in your time machine (google) & go back to about 2000 – 2001 when his career (overstatement alert) peaked.

Detroit Dave put it best by saying “Twitter is an outlet that lets rappers reveal how corny they really are. We don’t care about your life and what you are doing. Just make good music.”



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