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Alcatel-Lucent Introduces Multi-Screen, Multimedia Products

Alcatel-Lucent Introduces Multi-Screen, Multimedia Products

There are many screens in our lives today – the TV screen, the computer screen, the mobile screen and now the tablet screen. But when it comes to delivering video clips to those screens, each one has to be treated differently, scaled to handle not only the different connection speeds but also the variations in screen size.

Today, at the CTIA show in Las Vegas and IPTV World Forum in London, Alcatel-Lucent is introducing a new suite of services for service providers that promise to reduce not only the complexity that comes with delivering video to multiple screens but also the time involved and the costs associated with managing multimedia.

At its heart, the company is trying to sell the suite to service providers as a means of stimulating video consumption by making it easier, a money-maker for the service providers, as well as the content creators. The offerings include:

  • The Multi-screen Video Solution ties together existing networks, which allows service providers to push their video content to smartphones, PCs and other connected devices.
  • The Multi-screen Foundation, a cooperative of sorts that consolidates the multimedia operations for service providers.
  • The Velocix Digital Media Delivery Platform, appliances for service providers who choose to use dedicated networks to deliver content.

In theory, the company wants to be the hub of a complex set of relationships between service providers, content providers and end users who are accessing multimedia content over a wide range of different types of devices. In a statement, Kenneth Frank, President of Alcatel-Lucent’s Solutions activities, said:

Alcatel-Lucent’s Multimedia Solutions and strategy help service providers leverage their existing assets in creative ways to introduce an entirely new set of services and associated revenue – a great example of our application enablement vision in action. These solutions build on our strengths in IPTV, mobility and content delivery to bring our customers – and their subscribers – a consistent multimedia experience on every screen. We are creating new opportunities for everyone in the digital media value chain by providing a foundation on which new multimedia services and content can be offered to consumers quickly and easily, based on market demand.



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