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Freeway Speaks on Loon’s Progress as a Muslim (Video)

Freeway Speaks on Loon’s Progress as a Muslim (Video)

Last year some surprising photos leaked onto the ‘Net of Freeway and former Bad Boy Loon wearing traditional Muslim garb on their trip to Saudi Arabia. While Free is known for being a devout follower of the religion, many fans were shocked to learn that the Harlem MC had switched faiths. recently spoke with Philly Freezer about his visit to the Middle Eastern country and Loon’s newfound dedication to Islam.

“Last year, the middle of the year, I got a chance to visit Saudi Arabia for a second time,” he told XXL. “Brother Jakk Frost was with me, brother Loon, now known as Ahmir, and it just was a beautiful experience. At the time [Loon] was seven months into the religion, he was a fresh Muslim. And from that time to now, he progressed so much, he’s moving forward so quickly and I’m proud of him.”

The former State Property rapper urged his fans to fly to the country if they ever get the opportunity. “The country is beautiful, the people was beautiful, the mannerism of the people,” he expressed. “It’s just real enlightening and if any of y’all get a chance to go over there you should definitely do it.”

Freeway and Jake One’s album The Stimulus Package is in stores now. —William Nilly with reporting by Anslem Samuel

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