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“We The Best, Nah, We The Worlddd”

Two weeks ago, someone came up with the bright idea of remaking “We Are The World”… with rappers. While results were less than swaggalitious, we at Hood Newz managed to swap a copy of an exclusive never before heard HIP-HOP REMIX of “We Are The World” and we must say, this is how it should have sounded.

This mix features Bollywood sensation DJ Khaled, renowned vocalist T-Pain, upstart producer Dr. Dre, Policeman’s Ball host Rick Ross, baggy-jean enthusiast Kid Cudi, Swedish singer Akon, children book author Young Jeezy, satanic worshippers Bone-Thugs-Harmony, cardigan kingpin Drake, rehab sponsor DMX, yogi-maven Eminem and Christopher “King Of NY” Walken.

So, not only do I have the exclusive of all exclusives but I have a neat player to make your site look neater. In an effort to stay ahead of the comp, we have added a tape player to the mix…sick, huh?

CD? (Peace out!), Vinyl, (R.I.P)…MP3? (sooo 2001)…It’s all about the tape, son.



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