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#PodcastWednesdays –S2,E4.5 #BonusSession w/ @Aquil84 @BoogieManDela @Jet_Plane_Jane @IAmBean

If you're reading this you are a listener (thank you for knowing how to read) & if you're a listener then you know from time to time we can be a little...umm....long winded. With that said, we split this weeks podcast into two so enjoy the second half of season 2 Episode 4(.5) with @IAmBean @B... Read more...

#PodcastWednesdays –S2,E4 #HQIC w/ @IAmBean @BreezyB215 @Jet_Plane_Jane @BoogieManDela

In keeping with our theme from last weeks episode which is  "Women in Power", we asked the lovely queen Bean (@Iambean) & her artist BoogieMan Dela (@Boogiemandela) as well as Brianna (@BreezyB215) with her artist Jet Plane Jane (@Jet_Plane_Jane fka Jay Jerkinz) to stop by to tell us a little... Read more...