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Vibe: A Short Convo With… Asher Roth

Vibe: A Short Convo With… Asher Roth

Less than a year after releasing his debut set, Asleep in the Bread Aisle, Asher Roth is on to the next one. The young rhymer that hit it big in 2009 with “I Love College” is down in South Beach, Miami catching a tan and working his as-yet-untitled sophomore album. Taking a break from his session with Pharrell Williams, the 24-year-old called VIBE to talk about sexting, hors d’oeuvres and his next album.

VIBE: You were part of MTV’s Valentine’s Day special, Sexting in America: When Privates Go Public. Why did you participate in the show?
Asher Roth: There’s a line between having fun and being utterly rude and obnoxious. It’s one thing to have fun with your boyfriend and be a little provocative and enjoying yourself. But there’s also harassment. It’s important to say no and draw that line. You know, being a heterosexual male in his mid-twenties, there’s a fun element, a teasing element. It’s always fun if a girl sends you a little tease picture. But you have to make sure that person is someone you trust.

Heard you’re working on a new mixtape. How’s it coming along?
Yeah, it’s really just me warming up, throwing the baseball in the backyard again. It’s a hors d’oeuvres tape more or less. It’s called Seared Foie Gras with Quince and Cranberry and drops in March with my new website. Foie gras is a legitimate hors d’oeuvre. It’s force-fed to geese so that they can eat their liver. Imagine a huge plate with a little bit of food and you’re paying like 75 bucks for it. So there’s that underlying meaning that you’re not getting much. You’re paying all this money for fat.

So what’s its purpose?
We’re getting people ready for the sound of this album where we have cats like Q-Tip, we’re down here working with Pharrell and the RZAs and the Premos.

You’re cooking the Seared Foie Gras and your new album at the same time?
Yeah. Nowadays with the Internet and everything moving exponentially fast, if you don’t have content, you’re irrelevant. It’s one thing to oversaturate the market and to be on everything, which I don’t agree with. But I do agree with, “Make sure you don’t go stale.”

How deep are you into the album?
We’re on day three of the album creation. There’s no album title yet. I talked to everybody I wanted to get on the album. I shared my vision with them. You want to meet them halfway. Yes, you want them to come into your world as well, but you want to make sure that they’re still stamping it with them. You don’t want to leave their comfort zone. All the producers that are going to be on the album, I’ve sat down with in their living room before we got into the whole music making thing. That’s super important to any artist. It makes the creation process so much easier.

So you really haven’t identified a sound yet?
The sound is going to give people feelings again. I’m through with listening to music with no intestines, no gut. I want to make that dope shit that people can feel.  That’s all the direction is.

When do you think it’ll drop?
Ideally I’d like to release it on my birthday, which is Aug. 11. That would be great, but I believe that’s a Wednesday and they try to stick to Tuesdays.  But my first album released on a Monday.

You’re taking a break from touring to record. When you hit the stage again, are you going to keep the “Candy Rain” dance in your set?
I don’t know. Maybe we’ll break out the tootsie roll. [Laughs] We’ll see. —Brad Wete


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