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Foxy Brown feat. Lil Fame & BAM – Let Em Know (Lil Kim & Jay-Z Diss)

Foxy Brown feat. Lil Fame & BAM – Let Em Know (Lil Kim & Jay-Z Diss)


They leaked a snippet of this last month, not mentioning who she was talking about, but it turns out it was Jay-Z. Fox Boogie mentions being Jay’s bottom bitch and even name-drops Eve, Lil Kim and Trina.

Foxy Brown feat. Lil Fame & B.A.M. – Let Em Know (prod. Easy Moe Bee)

“The streets talking and got the hood going crazy
Niggas heard I fucked with Ross and had the nigga baby,
Said I fucked with Nas, and now they say it’s AZ
But on the low, the real nigga was Jay-Z…”

Then she murmurs something about him coming in the Lexus, before “the God blew,” and before he had a Maybach. Also mentions something about out of town trips to Baltimore and stashing something in her somewhere.



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