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13 Reasons To Suspect HAARP Caused Haiti Earthquake

13 Reasons To Suspect HAARP Caused Haiti Earthquake

Was Haiti caused by HAARP?

1) Haiti is near a HAARP array in Puerto Rico just a few hundred miles away.

2) Haiti is a low tech, unguarded, unwanted country, a good place to experiment without getting caught.

3) A street cam running at time of quake clearly showed ground moving up and down only! as if roiling, percolating or boiling. Very little sway in the telephone poles. This salient fact indicates super heated ground water not crust smashing or crustal slippage which always goes sideways. This is the most telling evidence I have uncovered so far. My friend said the lightpole supporting the camera was swaying forward and backward from horizontal motion, but you decide. The other poles don’t seem to be doing this. The ground actually looks like the surface of a crusty, boiling pot of old stew.

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4) A tourist vid, taken simultaneously from above the city showed dust and what appears to be steam coming up all across the quake zone. There also appear to be some HAARP clouds, but this may be just the sunset catching the bottoms of clouds as the quake occurred at 5:00 PM

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5) Earthquake was actually not on a big fault line, but quite far south of the North American plate and Caribbean plate. They don’t usually have quakes there, much less big ones like this. HAARP can create quakes anywhere there is water or trapped moisture, and our planet is honeycombed with water and pockets of gas.

6) The quake occurred at sunset which may have been an attempt to camouflage any HAARP clouds with the sunset. It could have been planned to occur after sunset in the city of P o Prince, but they missed a bit.

7) There were an excessive number of 5.0 aftershocks. This is highly unusual and may indicate the superheated ground could not cool off quickly. Scalar waves which are generated off of EM waves can accomplish this.

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8) The evening news floated lies about this quake within a day of it’s happening, saying “there was no tsunami because there was no vertical motion“, only horizontal motion. This seems to be a complete lie given the street cam.

9) The evening news did not have a reputable scientist give this report, they had a handsome young reader who seemed to be looking to advance his career more than provide any real science.

10) The news also lied about the quake being on the North American and Caribbean fault line. If they are lying like this, the question is why is the evening news floating disinformation about this quake? When they float stupid lies, I conclude they are covering up something.

11) Another news idea that doesn’t make much sense is how such a deep earthquake can only effect a small target area and not its neighbor The Dominican Republic. I guess they are next….

12) The Russians have been warning us about these kinds for uses from HAARP, which is why they have their own system now. HAARP wars, anyone?

13) Haiti is prime real estate once you get all the locals off it. The US military is now in control, without firing a shot. I gotta hand it to the Illuminati, they are very smart. They can take over a country and murder thousands and then be thanked from the bottom of the victims hearts. Very smooth. The Illuminati have a pact with the devil, not the Haitians.

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  1. July 19th, 2011 11:42

    Hey i just visited your site for the first time and i really liked it, i bookmarked it and will be back 😀


  2. March 26th, 2011 20:38

    turn off that jungle monkey crap


    • March 27th, 2011 14:06

      lol. It has a pause button


  3. November 9th, 2010 1:54



  4. Leroy
    March 4th, 2010 2:08

    Natural tectonic earthquakes have a visibly different waveform than those that were artificially created, I’m sure we have already analyzed the seismic recordings as any quakes of that magnitude would be visible in neighboring countries.


  5. Filler
    February 20th, 2010 18:53

    The background makes this post very hard to read. Is that caused by HAARP too?


  6. February 13th, 2010 8:32

    While this makes sense and I agree, you have to ask if Sarah Palin would support it if Rush Limbaugh said it and called it sarcasm 😉 jk


  7. Jim
    January 28th, 2010 23:16

    Why does the Military want to take over Haiti? Because they can not use Cuba right under Castro’s nose the way they need to. The Haiti base is needed to control the Southern Hemisphere. They got the job done without a shot or a protest and only us crazies know the truth. Or do we?


  8. Christie
    January 23rd, 2010 19:22

    I had the same feeling that HAARP created this tragedy. Only weeks after I found out what HAARP can do when I watched the Conspiracy Theory show, this happens… I’m tired of people saying that God did this or that it was “bad karma”, that’s BS and voodoo is practiced in many places all over the world. What’s far worse is satanism, but if you want to believe God wipes out areas that practice that then parts of the USA would be missing because there are a lot of satanists here in the illuminati. God gave us freewill to choose good or evil. Yes there can be natural causes of earthquakes, but in this case all signs point to HAARP.


  9. chic
    January 22nd, 2010 3:45

    @JP Sorry, my comment was directed at ISPIT, not u. That was a mistake.


  10. jp
    January 19th, 2010 10:51

    Even if the illuminati caused the earthquake which i doubt haiti messes with voodoo and black magic so tha was more than likely their karma aitians have been saying that way before the quake, not to mention the illuminati helped them get their independence in the first place Tousaint overture was a high ranking jacobin.


    • January 19th, 2010 12:51

      So you used the 700 Club argument? Voodoo means they should be slaughtered like helpless pigs? (no pun intended)
      Let me guess, right wing christian?


      • chic
        January 22nd, 2010 3:43

        @ JP: did u read d article well at all? he said it’s illuminati that caused d earthquake,


      • Barbara
        January 31st, 2010 23:44

        You know what? If Pat Robertson offended you, then you offend me. I am a 50 year life long traditional Catholic myself, and I am not the least bit offended by Pat Robertson’s remarks about Haiti. I heard what he said all in context. He prayed that these people would be converted by this experience, which, BTW, Robertson did not have any control over. How do you expect God to bless a country who pacts with the devil? The United States is no different. Why do you think we are being punished through catastrophies? Who is to say that God is directly doing this or not? Perhaps God is allowing our own hand to lend in our own demise, i.e., through the terrorism of the Illuminati, etal. I can thoroughly expect that Katrina occurred where and when it did because of HAARP, because God allowed it, and because New Orleans is nothing but voodoo and Mardi Gras Satanism mixed with the holiest day and time of the year –Lent and Easter! Don’t mess with the rules God sets forth, like “I am the Lord thy God. Thou shalt not have strange gods before thee”, and that includes voodoo gods, which is nothing more than Satanism. Voodoo mixes much of Catholicism specifically with Satanism, witchcraft and all forms of occult. God is never going to be pleased with this sacrilege. God has allowed these “punishments” before, with Sodom & Gomorrah, and the Great Flood, and countless other instances. It is punishment for sin, it is purification, and purging. Stop thinking that when God punishes humanity that the punishment is “evil”. God cannot do evil. And He has every right to punish this sin of Satanic worship. I am fed up with people like you telling everyone that catastrophic events, if they are at the hand of God, are intrinsically evil. You punish your kids for doing wrong, don’t you? Well, imagine if you were God dealing with millenia of trash, demons, free willers, sickos, and destroyers. Ya think you’d be watching it all happen without a care in the world?? I watch the 700 Club occasionally, I don’t attend Robertson’s church, and I heard everything he said on Haiti, and heard everything he said “in context”. I researched it myself and found him to be EXACTLY RIGHT! It’s not religion, it’s historical fact buddy! It’s about time somebody publicly says it like it is. The Good Lord established and taught that there are only two forces in this world, good and evil. Good being of God, and evil of Satan and his minions. It’s about time we all started preaching that. You cannot sit on the fence forever being afraid to jump from one side or the other. There is no gray area. Black or white, pick one and one only. Woe to the man who calls good evil and evil good. God said that, not me. You people get so offended when someone TELLS THE TRUTH. Kudos to Pat Robertson. And the sooner you all start realizing that 9-11 was orchestrated by our own government in conjunction with other govts and the Bildebergers, and the Illuminati and the CFR and Bohemian Grovers, etal. for the sole reason of world dominance and new world order to bring about the coming and takeover of the Antichrist, the better off you will all be and save your own souls. I have constantly studied these topics for 30 years. All roads keep coming back to the same starting point and go full circle: Freemasonry, the occult, and a quest for a new world order under Satan. Stop condemning the truth, and maybe your own eyes will be peeled to the truth.—Oh, and BTW, stereotyping right wing Christians is just a cop out for intelligent debate and constructive dialogue….More Satanic rhetoric. While we’re calling a spade a spade….


        • KodieI
          April 18th, 2010 15:59

          Ughhh!!! How can you say voodoo is mixed with catholicism! I am sick and tired of you people believing that this book of yours (Bible) is the true book and everything before is a load of shit and devil worship! GET REAL! Voodoo was here before christianty and catholicism!!! If anything Catholicism stole from them! Along with every other religion in the goddam world! RELIGION IS A MAN MADE THING! GET OVER IT! Do your research! The christian religion is practically a complete mirror of the egyptians.

          I feel sorry for you. Who are you to say that this is right? That god is real and the bible is true and jesus walked on water. It’s ridiculous! JUst because you have some million people doesnt make this correct.

          No one knows the truth and nobody will. Were all living in a world that is a complete lie. Heck even our own calanders lie to us. Oh and who made the calenders and the clocks and made us live by unatural time? THE ROMAN CATHOLIC CHURCH! Pope Greggory the 13th made the world turn to a 12 month calener with 12 lunar cycles and had us tell time by a 12 hour clock. All of this is wrong! We’ve lost our connection with the world and nature. Were supposed to have 13 lunar cycles along with 13 months and we need to start living with nature again or were all going to die.

          The mayans believed the world began anew after the destruction of the 3rd world on the 13th Bak’tun. THey called this the time of great forgetting in the prediction that the human race will lose their awareness of their bond with nature do to material things (e.i. Unnatural clocks and calenders, cars, money, television.). We need to get our connection back before its too late. A 7th century mayan prophesized “if the human race wants to save itself from biospheric destruction, it has to start living in natural time.”

          Get real.



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