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Keith Murray Returns From AIDS Africa Mission; Discusses Trip

Rapper Keith Murray recently returned to the United States after a trip to Mozambique in Africa, where the rapper was raising awareness about the plight of children with HIV/AIDS.

Keith Murray took up the cause of HIV/AIDS awareness after losing his mother to the deadly disease when he was just 20-years-old.

Three years later, he also lost his older sister to the disease. “My trip to Mozambique was a very emotional and inspirational experience,” Keith Murray told “This is my third trip to Africa but this journey was much different because of the cause. I wanted to help my kids to appreciate the simple things in life and to be generous to others. We can be so ungrateful here in the states.”

The rapper hosted a number of concerts, in addition to making public appearances and engaging in charity work in the country’s capital, Maputo.

According to statistics 16 percent of Mozambique’s 20 million residents live with HIV/AIDS. Of that number, 510,000 are orphan children who suffer from the disease.

“I met young kids with AIDS that don’t know their parents or their own names that smile and appreciate when you give them a hug and a handshake,” Murray continued. “I was the first person with some type of notoriety to visit them and they said I may be the only person that would ever come see them again. It was a humbling experience and it changed my life. I no longer take the simple things in life for granted.”

Now that he is stateside again the rapper is hard at work recording his 8th entitled solo album, in addition to promoting a new album The Undergods with rapper Canibus.



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