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8 Americans Detained In Haiti Freed On Bail, 2 Others To Remain

8 Americans Detained In Haiti Freed On Bail, 2 Others To Remain

Intense media attention has followed 10 American missionaries in Haiti since they were detained late last month.

Port-au-Prince, Haiti (CNN) — A Haitian judge Wednesday freed eight of 10 Americans detained in Haiti and said they can leave the country immediately, a lawyer involved in the case told CNN.

Although the Americans are released, there was no bond required. They are being released on their word.

The eight Americans are part of a group of 10 that face charges of kidnapping and criminal association for trying to take 33 children out of Haiti after the nation’s January 12 earthquake.

Meanwhile, a U.S.-based lawyer for four of the detainees said his legal team is working on a plan to safely “extract” the prisoners,

“I am concerned for their safety once they are released,” said Caleb Stegall, a Topeka, Kansas, lawyer who represents Drew Culberth, Steve McMullen, Paul Thompson and Silas Thompson.

“We are working around the clock to make sure when they leave jail they can make a safe return to the United States,” he said.

One of 10 American missionaries detained in Haiti was taken to a hospital Wednesday, two sources said.

A source inside the judicial headquarters told CNN that the woman is a diabetic and is in a “lot of pain.”

A CNN crew saw two of the detained American women leave in a police vehicle. One of them was Charisa Coulter, a diabetic.

No further details were immediately available, and the woman’s condition was not immediately known.


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