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The Powder Room: Last Minute Stocking Stuffers

The Powder Room: Last Minute Stocking Stuffers
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Sooo… I’m pretty sure there are people on your list, now that you have checked it twice that have been more naughty than nice. So what are you to get your badd friend? Why not something that’s a trend, simple, and easy to find?

Here are some ideas of things you can get that badd boy or girl this year.

  1. Hoop scarves: A huge new trend in versatile neck wear. These 360 degree fashion pieces can be worn to add pizzazz to  any outfit. They debuted last year but haven’t caught on until now. Prices range from $10  up to $65Pepe Jeans Coat, Miss Selfridge Scarf, H&M T-shirt, Deichmann Lace Up Boots This scarf is by Miss Selfridge
  2. Cardigans: Found every where from Old Navy to Bloomingdale’s. The perfect addition to any winter chic outfit, because grandma’s knitted sweaters just aren’t cutting it this year.American Apparel Shirt
  3. Hats: Bad hair day? Need a wow factor? Hats are a big trend this year. Dress em’ up dress em’ down dress em’ all around. Hats are acceptable for any occasion. Teddy Hat from Topshop, Plum + Grey Cardigan from A|wear, Skinny Jeans from Topshop, White Plimsoles from Primark
  4. Jewelery: Funky pieces added to any lay can make your badd friend’s outfit pop! Penguin Tank (buttons Up the Back) from Opp Shop!!, Lee Riders Denim Shorts from Opp Shop
  5. Spa: If all else fails and you don’t think your friend would like any of the items named above, give em’ a basket full of smell goods that make them feel good. Gift basket by Bath and Body works $20

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