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SMH: MC Hammer Gets Equity In Cash4Gold

SMH: MC Hammer Gets Equity In Cash4Gold

I mean…I guess…A check is a check

Rapper/reality TV star MC Hammer has gone from being a pitch man for the popular Cash4Gold service, to becoming an equity partner in the company.

The Cash4Gold website was founded and launched in 2007 by the company’s CEO, Jeff Aronson.

The company specializes in purchasing precious metals, mostly gold.

The three-time Grammy Award winner became involved with Cash4Gold in 2009, when he starred in a Super Bowl commercial along side variety talk show host Ed McMahon.

Since its inception, Cash4Gold has grown to serve over 800,000 customers, in addition to employing over 300 workers, who sift through thousands of ounces of Gold per day.

Hammer and Cash4Gold will celebrate their new partnership during a party for next year’s Super Bowl XLIII which will be held in Cash4Gold’s vaults, while employees melt down gold.

“Our Super Bowl commercial with MC Hammer kicked off a long-standing friendship and business relationship which we look forward to continuing, whether we are working hard together, playing hard or giving back to the community through charitable work,” Cash4Gold CEO Jeff Aronson said.

Cash4Gold and MC Hammer also recently partnered to support the international hunger relief organization, Feed The Children to help support victims of disasters in the Pacific and in Georgia.

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