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EXCLUSIVE: Gucci Mane’s Booking Agent Answers Fraud Allegations

The bookig agent for Gucci Mane has answered damaging allegations from a 10-page Ozone magazine article accusing his company of committing fraud against multiple promoters across the country.

The article, written by Ozone founder Julia Beverly, is scheduled to print in the publication’s next edition, but is available now for download.

In it, several promoters give similar stories of being swindled out of thousands of dollars due to no-shows, double bookings, and last minute booking/travel fees

Also, several promoters alleged their deposit money, sometimes reaching over $27,000, was never returned.

In an exclusive statement to, Johnnie Cabbell first addressed his history within the music industry.

“I am fully aware of the recent allegations which have been made about me and my company Hitt Afta Hitt Entertainment (HAH). I am a licensed and bonded entertainment booker and have been operating my company successfully for almost a decade,” Cabbell explained. “During my career, I have booked thousands upon thousands of shows and have worked with various promoters all over the country. I have maintained an impeccable track record and am operating within the confines of all applicable laws. I’ve always strived to do the best job I can possibly do and will continue to do that.”

Because of the financial and ethical ramifications from the allegations made in the Ozone article, Cabbell disclosed that his efforts to clear his name will take place through judicial means.

“[Gucci Mane’s booking agent] Johnnie Cabbell is a grand vampire,” stated Chicago promoter Godfather in the article, who claims to have lost close to $100,000 in his business dealings with Hitt Afta Hitt Entertainment.

“I don’t want to work with Johnnie anymore. He sucks the blood out of you…They were double booking shows and Johnnie was taking all the deposits,” Godfather stated.

“Due to the sensitive nature of the vicious accusations made against me, it raises some serious and potential legal issues,” Cabbell told “My legal counsel is advising me every step of the way with respect to how I handle this situation going forward. We’re prepared to fight the rumors and are dedicated to the challenge of restoring our goodwill and credibility within the industry.”

At press time, Gucci Mane is currently serving a one year sentence for parole violation.

His anticipated sophomore album The State vs. Radric Davis is set to be released on December 8.


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