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Boy Please….

Boy Please….
you know you love it

Ok, so I know It’s been a while but I have to get this not-so-new- topic off of my chest…… I have currently started following Anslem Samuel’s blog called “Naked With Socks On” and happened upon an article concerning the characteristics of women called “Things Men Don’t Understand About Women”. Among these was one post from “The Bad Boy” who apparently couldn’t wrap his head around why women “ Put on fake hair, fake eyelashes, fakes eyebrows, spanx, high heels, a pushup bra and then want a dude to be real with ‘em..” Taken aback, I read on to find that this same concern appeared more than once in the same article.

After reading this foolishness I feel compelled to tap like minded men on the shoulder and simply inquire….WHAT DO YOU THINK THIS IS?? I’m almost sure NOPE Im positive that when asked “What kind of women do you consider beautiful” the same group of men would respond with the names of marqueed misses like Lauren London, Sanaa Lathan, Beyonce, and the like. Do men genuinely believe that these femme fatales hit the street wearing anything less than “fake hair, fake nails, and high heels?”  Women, not all but  large number sport yaki because it looks good.  But why do we think it looks good…because men do! No Im not saying that everything we do as women is done to please a man. What I am saying is that dudes who crane their necks to steal glances at women with fat booties and hair down their backs while ignoring the pretty broads rocking ceasars prove my point daily.

It’s a circular relationship really.

Step 1. Video vixens, RNB divas, and leading ladies flood our television screens outfitted in scimpy clothes and rented tresses, a look that everybody and their mom is calling sexy nowadays.

Step 2.Men take this version of pretty to the streets where every “bad” chick is supposed to have a similar look.

Step 3. Women oblige because they want to look like the women on tv so they buy hair and clothes to mimic the looks.

Step 4. Men flock to these women in the club.

Step 5. Men are confused when the chick they borught home has a head full of shit that aint hers.

step 6. Men bone anyway and ponder the issue while watching the same videos from step 1. on BET/MTV/VH1

In short if you hollared at five women with long hair today…dont be mad when four our them were the result of wefted indian hair.  You simply got what you ask for.

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  1. Starboxx
    December 3rd, 2009 15:32

    Preach I make this same argument all the time… and you know what the men say, “No I’m not looking for that, I dont like girls with weave and fake this and that”… well that’s not what the HOladex shows, most mens track records are a boob job away from the reality which is they know nothing about what the like. Only that they dont like it…? FOH LOL


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