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Do The Grammys Need A fix? Are They Out Of Touch?

Do The Grammys Need A fix? Are They Out Of Touch?

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Every year around Grammy nomination time the argument begins anew: Are the Grammys out of touch?

Often it seems that the artists rewarded for their talent are not in step with who is really popular among fans and music lovers. How many times have you watched the show only to groan “How in the world did (fill in the blank) beat out (fill in the blank)?” Remember the “what just happened” response last year to Herbie Hancock’s win for Album of the Year?

Thanks to nods this year for popular artists like Beyonce, Taylor Swift and Kings of Leon, there may be less discussion about whether or not the nominating committee gets it, but that doesn’t mean everyone is still happy.

Now there’s a bit of discussion over the fact that singer Lady GaGa could not be nominated in the Best New Artist category because her single “Just Dance” was nominated last year in the Best Dance Recording category.

With so much buzz and all of the accolades surrounding the Lady (not to mention the more than 1.5 million copies of her album she has sold) her being left off the list even had People magazine questioning whether her exclusion might lead to a change in the rules.

Also not in the running this year is the late King of Pop, Michael Jackson, as his “This Is It” soundtrack missed the September 1 deadline for nominees.

So is it time for the Grammys to take a long hard look at themselves and revamp? Or are fans beyond caring?


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