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December Vibe Cover

December Vibe Cover
0 comments, 03/12/2009, by , in Miscellaneous

LMAO @ this cover right now! In honor of Vibe’s 20 questions lets ask a quick five about this ish right here.

1. Why does Chris Brown look like Celie did when she found out Mister was hiding her letters from Nettie??

2. Is Amber Rose really fashion forward or just a regular at American Apparel? Either way is this cover-story worthy? And why does it look like they’re giving her more burn than Kelis right now?

3. Am I the only who doesn’t believe Drake in this fitted? Maybe a cardigan would be more fitting? Saddle Shoes?

4. After seeing the hilarious footage of Drake falling onstage do we really think he’s unstoppable?

5. I understand being excited about rising from the ashes but does the cover have to be stamped with a resurrection seal complete with a gold pheonix?

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  1. Starboxx
    December 3rd, 2009 15:07

    LOL @ Drake in the fitted
    And yes, like is Amber Rose really hott ish or is she just regularly Google’d ish ie. Kanye’s girlfriend lol


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