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(50)Curtis on Jay-Z: “He thinks he’s f*cking Jesus”

(50)Curtis on Jay-Z: “He thinks he’s f*cking Jesus”

This Curtis Q&A with Rolling Stone is pretty much entirely about Jay.

On Jay not shooting the video for “Big Spender” with Freeway:

He has a king complex, he thinks he’s fucking Jesus, you know what I mean? This J-Hova shit.

On Jay responding to Boo Boo’s provocation:

I’d love for him to say something he’s not supposed to say about me. The difference is the last guy he competed with was Nas, and he lost. Nas just didn’t keep his business intact, and later had to submit and sign under him, so we couldn’t acknowledge that he beat him when they had to compete. I think he got a phobia from that. You know what the most vulnerable space for an artist is? Confusion. So if you think you’re the hottest rapper or the hottest artist, whenever you’re losing and everybody knows it, that could be a confusion point for you, right? That’s what he went through at that time. We don’t know what happens in the future, but we know the facts.

So then why not just release a fucking Jay-Z diss then Curtis? Stop beating around the bush. Go make a “Back Down” or something instead of mumbling at the end of a passive aggressive Beanie Sigel song. The old Curtis would’ve had the Hov diss on BISD instead of putting a battery in Beans back.  It’s like I don’t even know you anymore Boo Boo.

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