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The History of Horrible Rap Music in Pop Culture, Part II

The History of Horrible Rap Music in Pop Culture, Part II

The late 1980s soon featured rapping in everything, from movies like “Teen Witch” with it’s notorious “Top That” rap:

to the Super Mario Bros. cartoon episode entitled “Bad Rap”:

to bizarre straight-to-VHS kids productions that could only be the product of bad acid trips:

Like a transplanted kidney, rap music had been firmly excised from the hearts of the ghetto and supplanted into the backyards of suburbia. However, if there’s any organ that should’ve been rejected, it’s this incompatible hunk of poo.

Everyone was secretly an aspiring rap music video director, and that crept into the walls of pop culture like black mold. Note the probably unlicensed Pink Floyd sample in the beginning:

From here, it was only a matter of time before incredibly bad rap found it’s way into commercials for small children. This is a key point of horribleness, as it is well known that junk food commercials provide 40 percent of a child’s learning. No examples are quite so notorious as this McDonalds chicken nugget rap and the Barney Rubble Fruity Pebble rap.




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