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The REAL Meaning Of Thanksgiving x Mumia Abu Jamal Speech

The REAL Meaning Of Thanksgiving x Mumia Abu Jamal Speech

Watch the whole thing but pay close attention at 4:08.. You’re welcome.. Full description below

Traditional history will tell us that Thanksgiving is a North American holiday to give thanks at the end of the harvest season. We have also come to know the story of the native Indians.

“The early settlers of Plymouth Colony in Massachusetts were particularly grateful to Squanto, the Native American who taught them how to both catch eel and grow corn and also served as their native interpreter (as Squanto had converted to Christianity and learned English as a slave in Europe). Without Squanto assistance, the settlers might not have survived in the New World.

The Plymouth settlers (who came to be called “Pilgrims”) set apart a holiday immediately after their first harvest in 1621. They held an autumn celebration of food, feasting, and praising God. The Governor of Plymouth invited Grand Sachem Massasoit and the Wampanoag people to join them in the feast. Evidence to support that claim came from diaries of Plymouth. The settlers fed and entertained the Native Americans for three days, at which point some of the Native Americans went into the forest, killed 5 deer, and gave them to the Governor as a gift.”

What you do not know is that in the 8th century, African Muslims (Moors) conquered Spain, (…con’t below)

Bonus: Mumia Abu Jamal’s Speech On ThanksGiving Below

[Read the full transcript of this essay here]

Portugal and France and controlled it for over 700 years. This, of course, threatened European Christians, or rather “Western Civilization.” There were constant efforts to fight them back and the Pope of Rome, in league with Queen Isabella, sent Cardinal Ximenos to Spain to murder anyone that resisted Christianity.
Sound familiar?

These genocidal policies were justified by the previous Pope Nicholas in 1452, who called for the King of Portugal to invade, search out, vanquish, and subdue all Muslims and pagans, whatsoever, and other enemies of Christ.
In Spain, on November 25, 1491, a dude named Santiago defeated the last Muslim stronghold and on that day King Ferdinand gave thanks to God for this victory and the Pope of Rome declared this day to forever be a day of Thanksgiving for all European Christians. This is where the religious and political motivations that formulated the white supremacist mindset were formulated and when the foundations for the economic colonization of the Americas and its Native peoples were developed.

Thanksgiving in the United States is a part of a tradition that celebrates the subjugation of non-Western people for colonial purposes. Its roots are more directly connected to the events that occurred in the Northeast in the year 1637, when 700 men, women, and children of the Pequot Tribe, gathered for their “Annual Green Corn Dance” in the area that is now known as Groton, Connecticut.

While they were gathered in this place of meeting, they were surrounded and attacked by mercenaries of the English and Dutch. The Indigenous people were ordered from their ceremonial structures and as they came forth, they were shot down. The rest were burned alive in their homes. The next day, the Governor of the Massachusetts Bay Colony declared a day of Thanksgiving, thanking God that they had eliminated over 700 Pequots. Subsequently, every Thanksgiving Day ordained by a Governor or President since was to honor that victory, thanking God that the “battle” had been won. The holiday on the 3rd Thursday of November we celebrate is in observation of these instances and upholds this colonial mentality.

“…Now fight the power
B*tch @ss N*ggas…”-Rass Kass

“In the eight century muslims conquered
Spain, portugal and france and controlled it for 700 years
They never mention this in history class
Cause o’fays are threatened when you get the real lesson
Moors from baghdad, turkey threatened european christians
Meaning, the white way of life; hence the crusades for christ.
On november 25th, 1491
Santiago defeats the last muslim stronghold, grenada
King ferdinand gave thanks to God for victory
and the pope of rome declared this date to forever be
A day of “thanksgiving” for all european christians
.. now listen, when you celebrate “thanksgiving”
What you are actually celebrating
Is the proclamation of the pope of rome
Who later, in league with queen isabella
Sent cardinal ximenos to spain
To murder any blacks that resisted christianity
These moors, these black men and women
Were from baghdad, turkey
And today, you eat the turkey, for your “thanksgiving” day
As the european powers destroyed the turkeys
Who were the forefathers of your mothers and fathers”


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