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Tension Mounts As Brazilian Indians Retake Land

A community of Guarani Indians in Brazil has retaken part of its ancestral land in an act of desperation, having lived by the side of a highway for a year and a half. The Guarani marched back to their land last week, unwilling further to endure the appalling living conditions they have bee... Read more...

The REAL Meaning Of Thanksgiving x Mumia Abu Jamal Speech

Watch the whole thing but pay close attention at 4:08.. You're welcome.. Full description below Traditional history will tell us that Thanksgiving is a North American holiday to give thanks at the end of the harvest season. We have also come to know the story of the native Indians. "The ea... Read more...


{Note: October 13th, 2008} Christopher Columbus is seriously ruining my day......... For one thing, Im waiting for some important info from the bank so I can see if my money needs to go into a shoe box or if I need to just go burn it now before its worthless But I will have to wait a wh... Read more...