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KRS-One Wants Jay-Z Vs. 50 Cent: “That Would Be The Greatest Battle In Hip-Hop History”

KRS-One Wants Jay-Z Vs. 50 Cent: “That Would Be The Greatest Battle In Hip-Hop History”

“The two people that should be battling are Jay-Z and 50 Cent…I think it would be great for Hip-Hop.”


You love to hear the story again and again about how KRS-One burst on the scene in the 80’s after being initially scorched by the Juice Crew’s leaders the late Mr. Magic and DJ Marley Marl. After that, he set it off on the crew with Boogie Down Productions in what would be one of the most storied battled ever.

But fast forward to the present day. 50 Cent has been calling out Jay-Z in a number of songs and interviews in an attempted to lure his fellow Hip-Hop mogul into a lyrical championship bout.

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On Beanie Sigel’s “I Go Off,” 50 Cent says, “Yeah, you changed, man. You let the money change you, Jay. You used to be from Marcy, [Brooklyn] n***a. Now you a pass the Grey Poupon a** n***a. You don’t want the shooter? I’ll take him. [laughs] N*gga, feed the wolves or else the wolves feed off you. Eat your a** alive! I live by a combat’s creed. Strategy. Your move, n***a.”

Jay-Z has yet to respond, but had to solicit the opinion of KRS-One, a man whose insights seem to know no bounds. So, the Blast Master comments on the beef, but also how it should go down, should Jay-Z and 50 lock in. Furthermore, KRS theorizes how it all could make dollars and sense for the two moguls.

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