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Cash Money CEO's To School Pace U Students

Cash Money CEO's To School Pace U Students

“I had to find a reason to use this picture”

Cash Money Records’ CEO Ronald “Slim” Williams and Bryan “Birdman” Williams will make a high profile appearance at Pace University with their new hit artist Jay Sean on Monday (November 23).

The brothers will take part in Pace University School of Law professor Vernon J. Brown’s entertainment law class on November 23rd.

Professor Vernon Brown’s class will spotlight the relationship between entertainment lawyers and their clients.

The Williams brothers, who recently marked their 10th Anniversary of a historic deal between their record label Cash Money Records and Universal, will discuss how legal issues have impacted their careers, in addition to taking part in a Q and A session.

“The goal is to give my entertainment law students practical knowledge in working with their clients and interacting with label executives,” Brown explained. “What artists expect from their attorneys and what they should expect from their clients. The class is like Inside the Actor’s Studio for lawyers, offering practical advice for the way things actually work in the real world.”

Professor Brown has been Cash Money’s business manager and attorney for 14 years and is one of the industry’s leading business managers.

Brown also serves as the CEO of the V. Brown & Company, which represents a variety of entertainment clients, including Hype William, the Notorious B.I.G., Erykah Badu, Ne-Yo and others.

“My long-range goal is to give a similar class to junior high school and high school students, to make them aware of other careers that exist in the entertainment world other than as performers,” Brown added.

Jay Sean is Cash Money’s latest hit artist.

His debut album in the United States, All Or Nothing, is due in stores on Monday (November 23) and contains the #1 single “Down.”



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