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Snoop Denies Shots At Lil Wayne

Snoop Denies Shots At Lil Wayne

Monday on Shade 45’s Lip Service, Snoop repudiated firing subliminals at Weezy. Keep it peace like a Buddhist.

“A song about who?,” Snoop questioned radio personality Angela Yee. “I don’t call n*ggas’ names out, you know me babygirl, I’m Snoop Dogg. You ever heard a song I got called ‘Pimp Slap’ where I went after Suge Knight? If I got any issues, I go after a n*gga’s motherf*cking head. I’m not finna shoot at your shoes or shoot at the spot where your baby mama at, I’m finna take your motherf*cking neck off. I don’t have problems with no rappers, that was me speaking in general, so if a n*gga feel offended, or feel froggish, leap motherf*cker. Now that’s where I’m at with it, so, I never make diss songs, I make hit songs. I’m Snoop Dogg, I’ve been in it too long. I’m Uncle Snoop.” (Shade 45 Lip Service)

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