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Former Outlawz Member Launching Napoleon TV(Muslim Tv)

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Former Outlawz member Mutah “Napoleon” Beale will launch a new TV show in Britain to introduce people to Islam.

Napoleon TV will launch December 1 on Sky’s Up & Coming channel and will air across Europe and North Africa.

Beale will present a number of different celebrities being introduced to the Quran, segments on Fatwa’s and advice from accredited scholars, which will help Western Muslims in need of guidance.

“It seems like here in America the media is attacking Islam in every way possible, so I decided to use the media to give people an understanding about the true religion of Islam, which is whole and peaceful” Beale told Al Arabiya.

The name of the show, Napoleon TV is a nod to his former rap alias as a member of Tupac Shakur’s group The Outlawz.

Napoleon TV will also feature exclusive footage of Beale opening an orphanage in Gambia in partnership with UK charity, Muslim Global Relief.

The charity is personal for Beale, who was left an orphan after his parents were murdered in front of him during a botched robbery attempt.

His older brother Seike Beale committed suicide after the ordeal.

“I was an orphan and this is something I want to do because it is close to my heart,” Beale said. “I will not be making a single penny out of this all money raised will go towards helping orphaned children.”

As a member of The Outlawz, Napoleon was featured on a number of hit albums with Tupac Shakur, including Me Against the World, All Eyez On Me as well as Pac’s infamous diss track “Hit ‘Em Up.”

“People will get to see me going about my business while always striving to get closer to Allah,” Napoleon said.



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