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Word On The News Feed (FOH Addition): Tranform Ya' Self Ninja!

Word On The News Feed (FOH Addition): Tranform Ya' Self Ninja!
0 comments, 17/11/2009, by , in F*ck Outta Here, Rant

So I’m starting to see a trend in stats.

Women complaining about men. Men complaining about women. Love lost, spilled milk, and tons of lemons.

But now I’m seeing men posting stats referencing Chris Brown’s Transform Ya, really?

Most of the complaints from women are about men that don’t do all that they promise.

Men are complaining about how deep in their pockets women are.

So why is it now they want to transform these chicks?

You DON’T want no a gold digger, but you tryna flaunt that you aint no broke ninja?

I’m confused, is it me or were women just oh so independent last week?

And is it me or were men trading places not too long ago?

I’m just saying. Do you want to transform these hoes or not?

Most likely not, as soon as  Jay- Z comes out with another problem and a b*tch aint one.

So in saying all of this I just want to say, F*ck Outta Here decepticon transformer a$$ ninja.

Today you’re baller tomorrow you’re a bench warmer. Either way you’re getting paid so these ladies dont care either way but these promises of transforming b*tches is f*cking it up for yourself.

And they say women don’t know what they want. Pfftt… FOH

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