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F*ck Out Of Here: Caffeinated alcoholic drinks may be illegal

F*ck Out Of Here:  Caffeinated alcoholic drinks may be illegal
0 comments, 14/11/2009, by , in Comedy, F*ck Outta Here

The FDA has made recent reports saying there will be investigation on caffeinated alcoholic beverages.
Studies are showing that the caffine has the ability to mask the effects of the alcohol itself, causing an increase in risky activities. The studies have shown that college students are more likely to cause harm while drinking these beverages. They also have more drunken weekends.
Maaannn! F*ck outta here FDA, if I go to a college campus on a weekend and no one is drunk it must be an AA meeting place. Also if they’re saying I can’t get my red bull and vodka then its gonna be an issue. Last thing: so the fda can take caffeine out of my favorite malt beverage, but they can’t take the poison out of my chicken shrimp and broccoli?… SMDH


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