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Mos Def Vs Jay-Z – The Battle Of New Orleans – December 31st, 2009

Mos Def Vs Jay-Z – The Battle Of New Orleans – December 31st, 2009

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The peasants are revolting “king”…
what you gonna Pictures, Images and Photos
So here is what is proposed:

The Battle of All Battles…A real hip-hop battle of all the elements of the genre.


Battle of The Marching Bands: Morgan State Vs Grambling State

Battle of the Dj’: Kid Kapri vs Biz Markie

Battle of the Breakers: France Vs Korea

Battle of the Beats: Kanye Vs. Swizz

Then the main event: Battle Royale

Mos Def (The Ungerground King, team captain), Jay Electronica, Nas, MF Doom, & Black Thought


Jay-z (The Unquestioned King, team captain),? ,? , ?, ?

Hmmm, seeems a little unbalanced to me. Who would be on Jay-Z’s team? J. Cole? Wale? Drake?

Thats like a one-armed fight. Friends….How many of us have them?

To those who are new to Mos Def, this may sound like Dame Dash put a bug in Mos’ ear for revenge and all of that….but, to you I refer you back to this Mos Def

Mos doesn’t have a problem expressing himself in rhyme or in reason so I put my highest of doubts on that. I do however think this is an excellent opportunity to help the city of New Orleans recover from what was done to it happened to it in  2005 with record setting largest hurricane ever manufactured, Hurricane Katrina. (See: Haarp Machine)

Big questions is, how long will this be the Jay-Z we know?


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