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Corrections Corporation of America Promises Prisons with Guaranteed 90% Occupancy

Corrections Corporation of America Promises Prisons with Guaranteed 90% Occupancy
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(Excerpts from Letter by Corrections Corporation of America Chief Corrections Officer Harley G. Lappin to governors in 48 states in early 2012) 

Dear Governor _______________:

I am writing to brief you in advance about a new program – the CCA corrections investment
Initiative – that we plan to begin discussing with you and other key decision-makers in the State of _________ in the coming weeks. In short, CCA is earmarking $250 million for purchasing and
managing government-owned corrections facilities.

The program is a new opportunity for federal, state or local governments that are considering the benefits of partnership corrections.  We’re proud to consistently deliver safe and efficient operations and high quality educational and rehabilitation programming for inmates and detainees under our care.

We want to build on that success and provide our existing or prospective government partners with access to the same opportunity as they manage challenging corrections budgets. Interested parties would execute the sale to CCA and enter into a long-term management contract of 20 years or more.  

Physical requirements for facilities that would be eligible for purchase by the fund would include:
* A minimum rated occupancy of 1,000 beds;
* A structure age of no more than 25 years;
* A designation that the structure is suitable for immediate occupation or is already
occupied by an inmate population; and
* An assurance by the agency partner that the agency has sufficient inmate  
population to maintain a minimum 90 percent occupancy rate over the term of the  

Please feel free to call or contact me directly at (615) 263-3001 if you have any questions,  
comments or interest. I would be delighted to hear from you. Meanwhile, please accept my best wishes for a great 2012.


Harley G. Lappin
Chief Corrections Officer

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