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#IAmNotADictionary: You Think You Know, But You Have No Idea: REAL Definitions

#IAmNotADictionary: You Think You Know, But You Have No Idea: REAL Definitions


**Adam – is word #120 in The Strong’s Exhaustive Concordance of the Bible

Word #120 is defined as “ruddy” i.e. a human being; an individual, or the species mankind, a low man, a mean person, of low degree!  It is from word #119 in the same book.  Word #119 says that the word Adam means to show blood in the face, to get flush, or turn rosy red, to be made red, or ruddy!  When I read this it becomes very clear to me that melanated and copper colored people are NOT human beings, because the phrase human being means ruddy!  Copper colored races of people do NOT get flush, or turn rosy, because we are NOT ruddy!  Therefore, we CANNOT possibly be from Adam, human beings, nor the species mankind.  Adam is a species of persons that is totally different from us.  Also know that, Adam IS Edom!  (see Jacob)


*African – It is true that among the Founding Fathers, the word, “African” was a synonym for slave, and “Indian,” or “Red Indian” NEARLY synonymous with “savage.”  (Hidden Cities by Roger G. Kennedy, 1994.)  Let me also point out that anything considered Africa, or African, is that which used to be Ancient Carthage and any of her holdings.  Remember, the Carthaginian Commander, Hannibal Barca Bey, was a military genius.  Barca (also spelled Barqa, Baraq,  Barak, etc.) means lightning.  It should be stated that Mr. Kennedy previously worked at the Smithsonian Institute, but had a change of heart.  For those of you that do not know, the Smithsonian Institute (along with the Vatican) is one of the many entities responsible for keeping the truth about so-called African Americans’ (along with other so-called Black peoples of Earth) and their true identity/history buried away from them and the rest of the world.  (see Savage)


– The aboriginals, or copper colored races found here by the Europeans. “1849, 1854, 1859, editions of Noah Webster’s Dictionary

I reduced the word into components and defined it further as follows: Am + Eric + anAm means “be”; “be” is the same as the word “essence”; the word “essence” is from the root word “ess(e)” which means “to be”.  The word “Eric(a)” is the same as the word “ericaceous” which means the woods, forest, and heath.  This is one reason why the Europeans called our people heathens.  The suffix, “an” is found in the dictionary with a hyphen in front of it like this “-an” and it means adhering to, belonging to, and connected with.  The word Eric(a) is defined in name books to mean ruler, always ruler, and ruler forever.  These are the same name books that people use to find names to name their children.


***Angel – Literally a messenger, one EMPLOYED to communicate news or information from one PERSON TO ANOTHER at a distance.  Christ the mediator and head of the Church.  In the style of love, a very beautiful person.  (Webster’s American Dictionary of the English Language, 1828 edition)  {As far as beauty goes, keep in mind that back in the day, most images of angels were of little naked pale boys.  So, that tells you their idea of a “very beautiful person.”  Moreover, “Angel” is a position of EMPLOYMENT.  Its root word “Ange” is a Saxon word that means vexed, sad, or anxious.  It is the same as Latin “Ango” which means to choke, strangle, and vex.  The primary sense is to press, squeeze, and make narrow.  Now, you WON’T find this breakdown at “angel”.  You have to look below it at “anger.”  In case you don’t know about letters, “L” and “R” is technically the same letter.  Thus, angeL is angeR.  You will see the tie, if you know the word “English” means Anglish, Inglish, Angelish, Angerish, and Angorish.  The same dictionary says, “English is Saxon Englisc, from Engles, Angles, a tribe of GERMANS who settled in Britain, and gave it the name of England.”  He says, “it means strait, narrow, and plain, is Latin “ango” from the sense of pressing, depression, laying, which gives the sense of level.”  He adds that the English are the descendants of Ingaevones of Tacitus, De Mor. Germ.2.}
Autochthon – an aboriginal inhabitant; of the land itself.  It is the word “auto” + “chthon“.  The word “auto” means same, primary, and self.  The word “chthon” means land, ground, Earth.  Although it doesn’t say it in the dictionary for this word, the word “chthon” also means country.  You don’t see that until you look up heterochthonous.
Autochthonous – pertaining to autochthons; aboriginal, indigenous (opposed to heterochthonous).  Native to a place, or thing.  Also autochthonal, autochthonic, autochthonism, autochthony, autochthonously.
Bad – hermaphrodite, womanish man, badde, baeddel, baedling.  In case you don’t know, I should tell the website traveler that this was/is supposed to be Victoria’s Secret.  Apparently, she was a womanish man.


*Bishop – Latin episcopus; Greek over + to view, or inspect; whence to visit or inspect; also to view.  This Greek and Latin word accompanied the introduction of christianity into the west and north of Europe, and has been corrupted into Saxon biscop, bisceop, Swedish and Danish bishop, Dutch bisschop, German bischof and Spanish obispo.  This title the Athenians gave to those whom they sent into the provinces subject to them, to inspect the state of affairs; and the Romans gave the title to those who were inspectors of provisions.  An overseer; a spiritual superintendent, ruler or director; applied to Christ.  (Webster’s American Dictionary of the English Language, 1828 edition)  [All the italics are as they appear in the dictionary.  The bolding (as in most cases) is mine.  Don’t overseers watch slaves/servants on plantations?  The Pope of Rome is the head bishop.  Despite that fact, all bishops are his peers.  Remember, an overseer is also a watcher!  More interesting than OVERSEER, is the term DIRECTOR.  Don’t priests (bishops are high ranking priests) claim to be working with souls?  Well, according to my dictionary, souls are specific to people with Melanin.  So, if bishops are the directors of souls, (see soul) then they are functioning as PSYCHOPOMPOUS aka Mercury/Hermes (the SOUL DIRECTOR)!  This is NOT GOOD, because the soul director aka psychopompous, is much like the pied piper that has come to send, or lead, ALL the children/souls, over a cliff and into an abyss to their death.  He is a trickster and the Greek God of THIEVES.  (see the letter “T”)  Hermes stole his own brother’s cattle.  Well, a bishop overlooks a bishopric.  A bishopric is ANY LARGE FREEHOLD ESTATE, even when held by a commoner.  A bishopric is also called a BARONY!  It is the realm and domain of a baron.  In other words, a bishop is a BARON!  This means the land is held in tenure for life, by the so-called lord to be enjoyed by someone else.  What lord?  The Pope, King, Queen, or whatever sovereign took it from your ankhesstors and gave it to someone else for services rendered.  This explains the term “ROBBER BARON!”  That means the lands have been usurped under feudalism.  For the USA, the Pope of Rome selects one person from a list of names submitted to him by the chapter to become the bishop/baron that oversees this bishopric/barony also called a diocese.  I’m not sure, but there may only be one, or two, in the U.S.  I’m not clear if he is a Patriarchate, a Military Ordinariate, or what.  History, names, and religion are NOT my thing.  I do words and clarity.  If you know what’s up, then post it to me in the FAQ.  That will instantly send it to me by e-mail.  The Guest Book, on the other hand, just sits out there until I check it.]
Black – blac, and blaec, pale, wan, blacian, blaecan, to become pale; to turn white; to bleach; also to lighten; bleak.  (These all came from the 1849, 1854, and 1859 editions of the “Noah Webster’s Dictionary“.)  With regard to the word “black” this dictionary goes on to say the following: “It is remarkable that black, bleak, and bleach are all radically one word.  The primary sense seems to be pale, wan, or sallow, from which has proceeded the present variety of significations.”  This statement is quoted exactly as it is written in Webster’s including the italics.  I added the bold and the underline.  After this statement, the dictionary begins to give a list of the “present variety of significations” – such as  “the color of night,” etcetera.  One spelling variation that the dictionary does not give for the words “black, bleak, and bleach, is the word BLAKE.  Blake also means black, bleach, bleak, and pale!

Bless – to CONSECRATE, originally WITH BLOOD; to CONDEMN, OR CURSE.  (SEE CONSECRATE)  I added all the capitalization, but the rest is as written.
Boy – a servant; knave.  Again, I’ll save you the time you’d spend looking up knave, because knave is the same as boy.  Actually, knave is akin to boy and “akin to” means the same as.  Knave, and BOY, both mean an unprincipled, or dishonest person; a servant.  (When my son was a child, I thought he was a boy.  Now, I see that he NEVER WAS a boy.)


*Brown – of a dark or dusky color, inclining to redness.  (Webster’s American English Dictionary of the English Language, 1828 edition)  [The redness they refer to here, is a coppery color likened onto a U.S. Indian head penny from the 1860’s.  It is NOT a ruddy red likened onto flushness in the cheeks of a pale complexioned face.  So, be clear on that.]


*Calif – written also caliph and kalif from Arabic “calafa, to succeed.  Hence a calif is a successor, a title given to the successors of Mohammed.  A successor, or vicar; a representative of Mohammed, bearing the same relation to him as the Pope PRETENDS to bear to St. Peter.  Among the Saracens, or Mohammedans, a Calif is one who is vested with supreme dignity and power in all matters relating to religion and civil policy.  This title is borne by the Grand Signior in Turkey, and by the Sophi of Persia.  (Webster’s American Dictionary of the English Language, 1828 edition)  The bold, underline, and capitalization is mine.  The italic is as found in the dictionary.  The end is near and the end is dear for ST. PETER, so PLEASE go see Iscariot, Judas, Simon, Peter, AND the letter “T.”  You’re gonna LOVE IT!


**Care – worry, anxiety, distress, lament, to chatter (I need to add that chatter means idle, or foolish talk)!  It seems to me that I ALWAYS hear people telling other people to be careFUL, or full of care.  That is why I tell my people to be carefree, because I don’t want them to be full of anxiety and distress.


catholic – pertaining to the WHOLE Christian body, or church.  Now, I suggest that the website traveler see CHURCH and CHRISTIAN.  The dictionary suggests that you see CATA + HOLO + ikos – ic.  I’ll make it easy for you.  Cata means down, against, through, and “mis -“.  To me, that is not good, because I see that the word holo means whole, entire.  So, catholic means “down the whole,” “against the entire,” and “against the whole.”  It is about bringing down the whole, entire church and body of Christian believers.  My guess is down to the level of a cretin.  (I tell you what, See Roman Catholic Church)
Christian – SEE CRETIN!  No dictionary that I have EVER seen gives the true definition of Christian when you look for the definition under the word itself; therefore, I tell EVERYONE to look up Cretin if they want to see the true definition of Christian.
Church – the WHOLE body of CHRISTIAN BELIEVERS!  As always, I added the capitalization and exclamation for emphasis.

Consecrate – dedicate to the service of the DEITY!  I’m going to take you on a ride, so KEEP UP!  Look below at the definition of DEITY, because the pilgrims came to America to BLESS and dedicate melanated people to the service of the DEITY!

Consecration – the act of consecrating!  Dedication to the service and worship of GOD!  I’m still taking you down the rabbit hole, so don’t quit now.  Look above at the definition of CONSECRATE! (Defining PILGRIM brought me here from the word DEVOTION.)
Cretin – a stupid, obtuse, mentally defective person; from the French word crestin which LITERALLY means CHRISTIAN i.e., a human being though an IDIOT!  [I must remind the website traveler that when you see the two (2) letters “i.e.,” they mean “by that we mean.”; therefore, when they say Christian i.e., a human being though an idiot, what that translates to is, “by Christian we mean, a human being though an IDIOT!”]  Hey don’t shoot me.  I’m just the messenger.  It is in YOUR dictionary!  Go get it and see for yourself!  So, for the record, the word Christian literally means a stupid, obtuse, mentally  defective person that is a human being though an IDIOT!


*Crime – to separate, to judge, to decree, to CONDEMN.  It is a contraction of the Norman word “crisme” a sieve, to secrete, separate.  To CUT OFF, hence to condemn [for the record let me add that condemn means to DOOM, DEVOTE, FORFEIT]; a crime denotes a violation of the commands of God, and the offenses against the laws made to preserve the PUBLIC RIGHTS.  (Webster’s American Dictionary of the English Language, 1828 edition)  So, when you are “charged” (charge means to load or burden; to throw on or impose that which OPPRESSES; to place on the debit side of the account) with a crime, you are separated and cursed to be oppressed as a debtor whose heritage is forfeited and confiscated on the debit side by some feudal lord that cuts you off. (See Devote and Devotion)


***Damn – to declare something to be bad, invalid, or illegal; to bring condemnation upon; ruin.  (Random House College Dictionary, 1976 edition)  {Check out the following definition from my Webster’s 1828 edition}  The Portugese word is rendered to hurt, to damnify {By the way, damnify means to cause loss or damage; TO HURT IN ESTATE OR INTEREST.}  TO CORRUPT or spoil, to UNDO OR RUIN, corrupt, to bend, to crook, to make mad.  The latter sense would seem to be from the Latin demens, and damnum is by Varro referred to demendo, demo, which is supposed to be a compound of de and emo.  But qu., for damno and condemno coincide with the English doom.  (For the record, doom means JUDGE, discrimination, ruin.  Did you know that damn had anything to do with Estates?  I didn’t.)


Deity – a god, or goddess; the estate, or RANK OF god; a PERSON, OR THING revered as a god, or goddess.  Okay, enough of these crappy definitions.  I’m going straight to the definitions in the brackets for this word.  [dei, deus, god]  BINGO!  That is the word I’ve been trying to get you to see – DEUS!  These HATEFUL pilgrims came to America to DEVOTE and CONSECRATE our people to DOOM AND DESTRUCTION by forcing us into the service of DEUS!  DEUS MEANS GOD!  When you see the definition of DEUS, then you will know what the Christian religion FORCED MY PEOPLE INTO!  They came to America to DESTROY US!  See DEUS BELOW!


***Demon – to fall suddenly, to rush, to overwhelm, to obscure, to BLACKEN; whence misfortune, black, blackness, evil, a monster. (Webster’s American Dictionary of the English Language, 1828 edition)  I must caution the website traveler to look at the definition of “black” again, so you do not get confused as to what blackness and a demon really is, because there is a distinct difference between a demon and a devil.


**Deny – I put this word here to aid the reader with the meaning of PETER’S betrayal!  Deny – Greek word #720 in the Strong’s Exhaustive Concordance is arneomai: perhaps from (as a negative participle) and the middle of Greek word #4483; to contradict i.e. disavow, reject, abnegate: – deny refuse.  {Well, that doesn’t look like much until I define the words used to define this word, but first, let me say that Greek word #4483, is rheo – and means to flow, utter, or pour forth and speak out as water.  Now, let’s proceed with clarifying these words in the order they were given.  First, Contradict means to OPPOSE by words.  Disavow means TO REJECT!  To reject means to throw away; REFUSE TO ACCEPT; REFUSE TO RECEIVE.  Abnegate means to renounce; DECLINE TO FOLLOW SUIT!  Deny means to contradict; to disown; REFUSE TO ACKNOWLEDGE.  Finally, refuse means to RE-ACCUSE; to repel; TO NOT COMPLY; to LEAVE AS UNWORTHY OF RECEPTION.  These are from regular dictionaries.  Who would have thought that, this is what so-called St. Peter aka Simon did when he DENIED so-called Christ?  (See Peter, Judas, Iscariot, Simon, Pharisee)
Deuce – DEVIL!  (I was shocked to learn that deus means god and means deuce which is the devil!  My people have been DEUCED into the worship [war-ship and whore-ship] of DEUS/GOD!  Look below at DEUCED!  This is what the Christian Crusades were ALL about!  Remember, the cry of the crusaders was “Deus Vult,” which is a GERMAN cry that means “God wills it!”  Now, our people believe in God!  God is Deus!  Deus is Deuce!  Deuce is the Devil!  Do you realize now that we should NOT be praying to God!  God, like Adam, is NOT who, nor what, you initially thought!
Deuced – Damned; confounded.  (In case you don’t know, the word confounded means confused, perplexed, damned, defeated, and OVERTHROWN!)  The pilgrims came to America to destroy, damn, and OVERTHROW our people!  You may wonder what they came to overthrow us from.  Well, that is an Article that I have to put together and blow your mind even further with.

Deus – God, Zeus, Deva.  (You need to know that when I look up a word, I always start in the brackets.  I also look at the brackets and definitions of EVERY SINGLE WORD ABOVE AND BELOW THE WORD, IF THOSE WORDS LOOK, OR SOUND, EVEN REMOTELY LIKE THE INITIAL WORD I start out defining!  So, I looked above DEUS at the word DEUCE, because they sound the same.  Well there it was in the brackets!  DEUS IS EXACTLY THE SAME AS DEUCE!  See DEUCE ABOVE!)


***Devil – to calumniate. {FYI, calumniate means to accuse, or charge one falsely and knowingly with some crime; to slander or injure the reputation of another}; one without light; dia (deity) and bhal (air) [god of the air].  (Webster’s American Dictionary of the English Language, 1828 edition)  Of course, there are the usual concepts of the Devil e.g. fallen angel, etc. (see angel, deuced,  & demon)

– set apart, or dedicate by a solemn, or formal act; CONSECRATE; TO COMMIT TO EVIL, OR DESTRUCTION; DOOM!  I figured out that this is what the pilgrims really came to America to do to the dark skinned remnant seed of the Noble race that walked the Earth during the Golden Age of Heroes that walked the Earth long before the pale religions of civilization infected humanity.  Melanated people are humanity (human-not-I).  I suggest that you SEE CONSECRATE!
Devotion – profound dedication; CONSECRATION; earnest ATTACHMENT to a cause, or person.  SEE DEVOTE and CONSECRATION!


Education – developping the POWERS and faculties of a PERSON.  (I have to break this down simply so you can see what an education really is without getting lost.)  “Developing the powers” means desvelopping, or disvelopping the powers, which means to negate, or have a privative, or reversing force on the POWERS!  Develop also means to wrap up and envelope.  Envelope means to involve.  Involve means to get someone bound up with something from which it is difficult for him to extricate himself; to cause to roll up on itself; to raise to a GIVEN POWER!  So, an education reverses and negates the force of the power you exited your mom’s womb with, by involving you in something you find difficult to extricate yourself from, because you are ONLY raised to a GIVEN power that causes you to roll up on yourself, your family, and your people!  As a matter of fact, you are probably clueless to the fact that you need to extricate yourself from anything at all.  (see SCHOOL)


Employee – servant. (Black’s Law Dictionary 5th edition)  [see employer and supervisor]


Employer – master. (Black’s Law Dictionary 5th edition)  [see employee and supervisor]
Entertainment – maintain in SERVICE, or HOLD IN THE MIND!  I added this word to clarify the word “Xenodochium,” which is the LEGAL WORD for HOSPITAL! (see Xenodochium)


*Europe – white face, the land of white people, as distinguished from the Ethiopians, black-faced people, or tawny inhabitants of Asia and Africa.  (Webster’s American Dictionary of the English Language, 1828 edition)  [It is crucial that the website traveler know that the term “op” means face.  So, Eur (pale) op[e] (face) and Eth (dark) op (face) explain it all.  Also, keep in mind that whenever you see “Eth” it means dark and signifies melanin, or dark color.  For example, the terms ethics, ethnic, and ethereal all pertain to people whose complexions are dark.  Although they use the word “black” to define Ethiopian, that is a misnomer, because this same dictionary says that black means pale, wan, bleached, and white in color.]  (See Greek, Black, and Gray)


Fiat money – paper currency NOT backed by gold, or silver.  (Black’s Law Dictionary 5th edition)


*God – gud, gott, guth, goth. (I put the bold.  To know God, you MUST see the definition of goth!)


*Goth – One of an ancient and distinguished tribe or nation, which inhabited Scandinavia, now Sweden, and Norway, whose language is now retained in those countries, and a large portion of it is found in England.  One rude or uncivilized; a barbarian. (American Dictionary of the English Language, 1828 edition)  [Remember rude is another word for ruddy and/or crude.  For those that are geographically challenged (like me), check out this crystal clear BOMBSHELL of a definition from the Random House College Dictionary, 1976 edition.]   Goth – a member of a TEUTONIC people who, in the 3rd to 5th centuries, invaded and settled in parts of the Roman Empire.  A rude person, a barbarian; Goth-people.  [If you still don’t get it, then let me slap you upside your head with the definition of Teutonic.]  Teutonic means GERMAN; noting or pertaining to the Northern European stock that includes the German, Scandinavian, British, and related peoples.  [If that definition didn’t do it for you, then here is Teutonic from Webster’s American Dictionary of the English Language, 1828.]  Teutonic means pertaining to a people of Germany, or their language; as a noun, the language of the Teutons, the parent of the German, Dutch, and Anglo Saxon or Native English.  [If you are at this website, then you probably already knew that the word God means German; however, there is nothing like seeing it in writing.  In God we Trust, means in Germans we Trust.  Do you trust Nazis?  So, prayers to God, go to Germans.  Moreover, prayers to the Father, go to their father, the Pope of Rome, because he is their head Pharisee.  (see Pharisee)]


***Gray – This is probably Graecus, Greek, Graii, the name given to the Greeks, on account of their FAIR COMPLEXION compared with the Asiatics and Africans. [See Europe] (Webster’s American Dictionary of the English Language, 1828 edition)  [Be advised that the dictionary italicized the word Greek, but DID NOT capitalize the words “fair complexion”, nor bold the passage.  I did that to make sure you actually see it.  Bolding, capitalizing, and underlining is something I add often.]  This definition puts a WHOLE new spin on the ET terms “the Grays and the Reptilians.” (See Greek, Greek Love, Hellenize, Iscariot, Jacob, and Reptile)


***Greek – Pertaining to Greece. [See Gray]  (Webster’s American Dictionary of the English Language, 1828 edition)  Now this gets REALLY deep when you look above and see the definition of “gray.”  Here is the definition of Greek from a different dictionary.  Greek – A CHEATER [archaic].  (Random House Dictionary, 1987 second edition Unabridged); Here still is a third dictionary definition.  Greek – ANYTHING UNINTELLIGIBLE, as in speech, writing, etc.  (Random House College Dictionary, 1976 edition)  I added all the capitalization.  Don’t forget to look at the above definition of GRAY!


*Greek Love – slang for ANAL INTERCOURSE, or Greek Way.  (Random House Dictionary, 1987 Second edition Unabridged)  Now, I’m going to say that grown folks should do what grown folks want to do, but this, AIN’T YOUR SH*T!  This is the WAY of the GRAY!  So-called Black people are NOT Black, NOT pale (for the most part), and definitely NOT GRAY aka Greek (see Gray)!  This is NOT your stuff, nor is it your way.  I added the capitalization.


***Gymnasium – naked. (Webster’s American Dictionary of the English Language, 1828 edition)  A place where Greek youths met for exercise and discussion; to train naked; (in continental Europe, esp. Germany) a classical school preparatory to the universities.  (Random House College Dictionary, 1976 edition)  I only added the bold.  [Website travelers should be aware that the gymnasium is where elder male Greek pederasts gathered naked, to pursue young boys (also naked) and vie for their affections.  Once they set their sights on a boy, then they had to woo the boy’s parents with gifts and money to prove that out of all their son’s male suitors, they were the most financially stable lover, teacher, and mentor for the youth.  Once the boy became a certain age (I’ve forgotten what the age was), then he could begin dating women and seeking a wife.  That is, if he still wanted to deal with women by then.  Like I said before, this IS, and always has been, their culture.  This is one of the reasons they were cursed.  Of course, our brothas, being accomplished athletes, began to emulate these pale conquering invaders by attending their naked, all male events.  I seriously doubt that they had full awareness of what the gymnasium was really all about (see Greek Love).  There are some things they don’t want us to know about, when it comes to them.  So, they enforce “restrictions,” because “restrictions” show the appearance of something “better than” by giving an air of superiority.  This is why Europeans STILL have many RESTRICTED organizations and clubs, that are exclusively for so-called Whites only.  To this day, we are NOT ALLOWED!  They are very Venusian (oriented to beds and/or sex) by nature.  When brothas first started to attend gymnasiums, the European males would stand around, point at their phallus’, and laugh at them to make them feel insecure about their anatomy.  They claim it was due to the lack of circumcision, but it was probably more a reaction from being embarrassed about the large size of the brotha man’s anatomy, when compared to their own.  In other words, if mine is too small and insignificant, then I can make myself feel better by making you feel self-conscious about the appearance of yours.  It is too bad that brothas didn’t honor the segregation and simply stay away, because now, our men have become hell(enized) and sexually confused too.  Due to the misogynistic nature of these Greek (Nazi German Judeo-Christian) men, there were never any women allowed at these events.  That is still the case with many of their “Old Boy” network clubs.  When it comes to them, the same game is going on all the time.  We just don’t see it, because we don’t comprehend what the game really is.]


*Hell(as) – ancient Greek name of Greece.


*Hellenize – to make Greek in character; to adopt Greek ideas, or customs; to imitate the Greeks.  (See Greek, Greek Love, Gray, Iscariot, demon, black, and Jacob)


Heterochthonous – not indigenous; foreign (opposed to autochthonous).  [hetero – different, other + chthon – the earth, land, country]  See AUTOCHTHONOUS – which is the opposite of Heterochthonous.


*Hue – color, form, image, beauty; to form, to feign, to simulate.  This may be contracted, for in Swedish hyckla, Danish hykler, is to play the hypocrite.  (Webster’s American Dictionary of the English Language, 1828 edition)  I added the bold and underlined the words – the dictionary did not.  I told everyone in 2001, at my very first lecture, that “Hue” meant imitation (which is the same thing as feign (fake, invented) and simulate (counterfeit, pretended).  I hope this puts the issue to rest FOREVER!  We are NOT Hue-man!  (see human below)


*Human – German menschlich (manlike); belonging to man, or mankind; RELATING TO the race of man; having the QUALITIES of a man; PROFANE, NOT SACRED OR DIVINE.  (Webster’s American Dictionary of the English Language, 1828 edition)  I added the bold, capitals, and underline.  [So, it seems you’re NOT human either!  They make it very clear that there is a difference between man, or mankind aka man-genus.  Furthermore, relating to the race of man, does not make you “BE” the race of man.]  Now the dictionary goes one step further and advises the reader to SEE MAN.  So, go see what they said about MAN, because they try to trick and confuse you with it.


**India – 1604 originally Applied to America, or some parts of it. (Oxford’s Universal Dictionary on Historical Principles, 1933 edition)  I guess Christopher Columbus aka Christobal Colon WAS indeed looking for America after all.  It appears that the primary reason he was considered lost, is because he landed on Haiti, one of America’s islands, and didn’t actually make it to his primary destination – the actual Continental Mainland.  The place we call India today, was actually called Bharat, NOT India.  I added the bold, but I THINK the capitals were there.  I’m can’t recall for sure.


*Iscariot – Greek word #2469, inhabitant of Kerioth; Iscariotes i.e., Keriothite; an epithet of Judas the TRAITOR!  [Epithet means a word or phrase used invectively as a term of abuse, or contempt, to express hostility, or the like.  By the way, I added the bold.]  It is probably Hebrew word #377 “ish”, a male person; mankind, and #7149 “city”.  (Strong’s Exhaustive Concordance of the Holy Bible)  So, Judas Iscariot is the traitor from a male city of mankind.  Remember, under European domination, a place was only called a “city” if it was under the jurisdiction of a Romansh Catholic Bishop.  Aren’t the bishops always being brought up on charges for pressing children, especially boys, into Greek Love?  Isn’t that what those sickos at NAMBLA promote.  This is one method used to perpetuate the Greek Way into becoming so prevalent.  It was spread and promoted to children through their church.  This IS their culture.  The misruling faction of those that are uncouth and crude (rude/ruddy) were (and may still be) determined to destroy the coutheans – also spelled cutheans, because Judas was so jealous and filled with envy toward the remnant of selectively anointed ones. Cutheans are those that are cuth/couth (known, acquainted with.  Cuth/couth means to know and is the same word as can or ken).  These Kirioth aka Iscariot Jews were cursed for their behaviors.  They practice incest to such an extreme that they have lost their melanin as well as their sanity.  Some of this is discussed in 1 Corinthians 5:1.  They pervert the administration of justice for money.  They enrich themselves by impoverishing and stealing the possessions of others.  They abuse the elderly, children, women, the weak, the poor, and those with melanin.  It is Judas [see Jew] that broke their covenant with their god, because they despised the Lord and his laws.  It wasn’t us.  Our violations were against other people, not against Nature, nor our Creator.  We stuck around to carry Judas through, like a cart and carriage.  That is what Cart[hage] is about.  We have the strength to bear, carry, and sustain them, but they keep trying to destroy us.  We transmute and transform the frequency on the land.  Trees do it for the air.  Dolphins and certain whales do it for the oceans.  Ants, bees, and butterflies do it through roots reaching beneath the soil.  Unfortunately, these fools don’t get it.  We are all here trying to SHOW them the way out, but they are killing their saviors i.e., trees, air, underwater mammals, us, insects, and Earth herself.  If they kill us, then they kill themselves.  It has nothing to do with material possessions labeled wealth.  Judas, Esau, Edom, and Adam are all one in the same when it comes to their curse.  They are Europe’s, misguided grays i.e., Graeco-Romans.  They prayed to their god to take the curse off of them and put it onto another people and onto another land.  When this didn’t occur, they resorted to vile forms of ritual sorcery, and personally hand delivered their curse to other lands and other people by force.  Rather than feeling regret for the rope they put around their own necks, which resulted in them being banished, they only felt revenge.  So, they went around the world, wrongfully coveting, which means desiring, their neighbors’ possessions.  They killed them off, stole their identities, and ultimately traded places with them.  Instead of evolving through introspection, their stance is that, “If we go down, then we’re going to Hellenize EVERYONE and take them all to hell with us!”  They are being watched and they are being judged, because they refuse to unify with the frequency of the cosmos.  They are running out of the time that the anointed remnant extended for THEIR salvation, not for ours!  Unfortunately, some of the anointed have become so Hellenistic that their survival is now in question too.  [See Hell(as), Hell(enize), and Greek Love above]


*Jacob – heel catcher i.e., a SUPPLANTER.  (This is word #3290 in the Strong’s Exhaustive Concordance in the Hebrew Dictionary portion of the book).  [I added the bold and capital.]  So – called Black folks MUST KNOW THIS, if they don’t know spit else!  So pay attention and keep up!  This word is from word #6117 in the same book.  It means to SEIZE by the heel; to CIRCUMVENT; also to RESTRAIN.)  SEE SUPPLANTER and REPTILE!  [If you have melanin, then the reason you MUST KNOW THIS, is because you have been bum-rushed and replaced all over the Earth – especially in America!  Like SeaStar (sister) Lady Alice says, “There are GI folks claiming our Sovereign identity all over the world.”  The term “GI” means “government issued”.  [Alice is my ex – Los Angeles County Sheriff Deputy buddy.]  Look at some of the Earth’s power points.  In America, Hawaii, Khemet (Egypt), India, Canada, and South Africa (to name just a few), pale skinned, light-eyed, people claim to be the tawny, brown, sable, olive, and/or copper-colored Aboriginal Indigenous Autochthonous people that they have seized (see seize), conquered, supplanted, and replaced.  Talk about the crime of identity fraud and identity theft.  They are the masters of it.  (Remember to look up seize, supplanter, and reptile.)


*Jew – A contraction of “JUDAS” or Judah.  A Hebrew, or Israelite.  (Webster’s American Dictionary of the English Language, 1828 edition)  This doesn’t appear to be much, but it is AN AMAZING FIND!  Prior to acquiring this dictionary, I had only seen that Jew was a contraction for Judah.  Imagine my excitement when I saw for the FIRST TIME EVER that the term “Jew” is a contraction for “Judas.”  (That is why I put it in bold quotes.)  To comprehend the significance of the word Jew, as Judas, one must see the definition for “JUDAS” below.


*Judas – a person TREACHEROUS ENOUGH TO BETRAY A FRIEND; traitor; (of an animal) used as a decoy TO LEAD OTHER ANIMALS TO SLAUGHTER.  (Random House College Dictionary, 1976 edition)   [The Strong’s Exhaustive Concordance expands the word Judas even further.]  It is Greek word #2455  and leads you to Hebrew word #3063 “celebrated,” which goes to Hebrew word #3034 and literally means “to use”.  It goes from there to #3027, which means hand, pain, sore, custody, debt, ordinances, and force.  The Concordance also indicates that Judas also means to throw a stone/arrow at; to cast out; to make confess.  [These are only a few meanings amongst contradictory others.]  Judas meaning “celebrated,” which in the Concordance’s Hebrew Dictionary, as word #7673, means to fail; to repose; to desist; cause, or make to cease; suffer to be lacking; put down; rid; take away.  [It boils down to “interrupting and causing to set”.]  Word #2287 means to move in a circle; keep, hold; reel to and fro.  [Isn’t Satan (adversary) moving to and fro the Earth?]  Word #1984 means to be clear originally of sound, but USUALLY OF COLOR;  [Clear-colored people are NOT you!]  To be foolish; be feign self.  [Personally, I have NEVER seen such foul definitions of the word “celebrated,” – which is what Judas and Judah mean.]  Judas/Jew also mean Jude.  According to the Christian Bible, Book of Jude chapter 1, “Jude” was supposed to be the SERVANT of Jesus Christ.  Not the ruler!  Judas’ surname was Iscariot.  (See Iscariot)


***Love – lewdness (Webster’s American Dictionary of the English Language, 1828 edition)  We found this tidbit looking for whoreship. (See whoredom and whore)


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