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The Gladiators Are Dwindling.

The Gladiators Are Dwindling.
0 comments, 15/04/2015, by , in TV

I have to admit that I’ve been disappointed in Scandal these days. Of course I will always love Scandal, simply because I’m a crazy, die-hard fan, that may or may not be obsessed with the phenomenal actors and actresses on the show. Nevertheless, things are getting to the point of ridiculousness.


First, I feel like the “Gladiators” are dwindling with each episode. That is such an exaggeration, but I’ll explain what I mean. We started off with Harrison, Abby, Huck, Quinn, and Stephen (for all of you observant season one fans). After season one, which was only seven episodes, Stephen disappeared. There was barely any mention of him ever again, besides the two seconds in the season two premiere, when they uttered something about him getting married and moving away. (His season four return was a great surprise, even though it only lasted for one episode).


To me, season two was the absolute best season. (Season one was good, but it was too short to truly judge). Season two is when we truly got to see who Olivia Pope and Associates are, what they do, and how they all came to be. The storylines weren’t so outlandish or unbelievable, and everything seemed to move right along.


Season two was probably the best so far because each storyline involved events that have already happened in American history, or events that very well could happen in real life.


There have been attempted assassinations of presidents. Election rigging is not likely, but is very well a possibility, and yes, people can change their identities and move away. My attempts to justify these things, sound completely crazy, but all are possibilities in the real world. The point being, it was somewhat real and relatable.


Then, you get to season three and the B613 nonsense never ends. Every. single. episode. revolved around Rowan, B613, and good ole Jake. Then, you have Maya Pope chewing the meat off of her arm like a wild animal, James being killed off, and the inevitable killing of Harrison. Oh yeah, and they killed poor Jerry too.


I understand that the writers need to constantly have action and create a wow factor for the viewers, but things just aren’t the same. Something just feels off.


Being the crazy person that I am, I’ve re-watched the entire series multiple times, but for some reason I can’t seem to make it through season three again and again.


I kept reading online that season four was supposed to be a fresh start for Scandal, after the gloom and doom that was season three. However, I’m not sure that I’m really seeing the difference.


Season four has definitely had its incredibly amazing episodes, but it has also had many completely random, boring ones. With two gladiators gone from the show, and Abby at the White House, it seems that Huck and Quinn are trying so hard to compensate for the missing components in OPA.


Jake has now become an honorary member of Olivia Pope and Associates, and David Rosen seems to be spending a considerable amount of time lurking around in their office as well.


I love the new badass Quinn, but apart of me really misses the innocent, clueless little Lindsay Dwyer that was still trying to find her place at OPA.


Huck is completely off his rocker, but we already knew that. Abby occasionally pops in the office to argue with one of the “Gladiators,” or beg for help. Rowan completely disappeared out of nowhere, and the whole B613 saga continues.


Although I am enjoying the current PTSD storyline, I would like for Olivia to eventually get back on her game.


Who can even complain about Huck though, honestly? His character never ceases to amaze me, although he has become a rather violent one.


I love it when Mellie and Fitz work together. I’m just hoping that this whole Mellie for president storyline has a good twist – which I suspect it will.


I understand that Olivia and Fitz being together would have to be the end of Scandal, but I’m not sure that I can deal with another break up and make up between those two. However, I am slightly enjoying their bickering; I think it livens things up a bit.


Fitz needs to stop begging, pleading and moping like Keith Sweat for two seconds- just two – that’s all I ask. He needs another purpose on this show, besides stalking Olivia’s life.


I would love for them to give Quinn some substance, and stop having her follow everyone around like a lost puppy dog. Her character started out with so much backstory and promise, and I feel that they are completely ignoring everything they setup for her character.


Cyrus is the man…He’s a crazy man, but nevertheless, he’s the man. You can’t tell me otherwise.


I’m not even going to bother addressing Jake, besides the fact that he’s great to look at.


Now that I’ve participated in the gloom and doom, I have to say that I truly believe that there is still time for the writers to turn things around, and make up for the awkwardness that is Scandal. Here’s hoping.


By: Janae Grier

Instagram & Twitter @JanaeGrizzy

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