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The Marcus Garvey School/Egun Omode Shule in Trenton Needs Your Help Today

The Marcus Garvey School/Egun Omode Shule in Trenton Needs Your Help Today
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Below is a letter from Principal Baye Kemit of Egun Omode Shule:

Peace and blessings,


As Principal of The Garvey School/Egun Omode Shule, a small, private African-centered school in Trenton, NJ, I am writing to ask for your assistance in these times of need. Hurricane Irene made its way through Trenton and caused severe damage to our institution. Over 4 feet of water entered the basement from front to back, destroyed our oil tank, water heater, tables, chairs, supplies, toilets, fixtures, rugs, tile, etc. Attached are some before and after pictures of our basement. At this point, everything is up in the air-awaiting insurance claims, the city inspectors, FEMA (wow, never thought we would be in line waiting for a FEMA handout). Most importantly, until the insurance claims can be filed (who knows how long that will take), we need to replace our water heater. The city inspectors will not allow our school to reopen without hot water and a professional hazmat cleanup of the basement, which consists of oil and sewage waste.


We are asking for your assistance. We need monetary donations to help us purchase these items NOW. We estimate the immediate costs at $2500, which we have raised $500 so far. The daycare children that utilized the basement have not been in school all week which has caused all types of scheduling problems for their parents. In addition, the school year is scheduled to begin in a week and insurance adjusters may be weeks away from coming to our location.


Payments can be made in any form, payable to: The Garvey School, 102 Taylor St., Trenton, NJ 08638.


You can make payments to our Paypal account as well…


Go to our main website and click on the DONATION BUTTON at the bottom of the page


We thank you for your time and concern on this matter. If you are unable to donate monetary, we ask for your prayers in this time of crisis.


Thank you,


Baye Kemit, Ed.M

Baale, The Garvey School/Egun Omode Shule


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