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Curb the Shenanigans, Please By: Eric Blair

Curb the Shenanigans, Please By: Eric Blair

So, this week I really didn’t feel like writing about anything in particular; so I am going to share a few things that have been on my mind lately. Here are a few things that grinds my gears, a little list I like to call my “Shut the f*ck up” list.


  1. Women who sobs on Facebook about their recent breakup or their “baby daddy” (Their words, not mines). Can you please shut the f*ck up! If he doesn’t care then why should we care?


  1. White people who cares about non-important issues like their dog missing its stylist appointment and dares to complain about it, can you shut the f*ck up! There are better things to care about like homelessness in America. You don’t hear them complaining about hunger.


  1.  Hoards of sheep that follow the Shepard need to shut the f*ck up; be you, please! There is no need to follow every trend or “cool saying.” Trends are a waste of time because they pass like a speeding train.


  1. Hey, the two homosexual men on Youtube gossiping about the stars, shut the f*ck up. I do not care about what star is cheating on whom with whom. There are bigger things in life to focus on. Is your gossip putting any new wrinkles on my brain, no? Then go play in play in traffic with those fruitless antics.


  1. Republicans, who is bringing racism back, shut the f*ck up! Why would you say our President acts like a “tar baby?” I know how a monkey acts but how does a tar baby act? What is going on in Washington D.C. these days?


  1. People who think wearing black brim frame glasses make them a nerd; better yet, people who think being a nerd is trendy all of sudden, sit the f*ck down! Stop being a sheep; once more, be you. Only a real nerd knows what’s Clark Kent’s real name is or what’s speed limit the DeLoren needs to build up to so it can travel into the time stream.


  1. Drake, shut the f*ck up! Stop it with your depressing a$$ songs! Stop it…But really, I kid, I kid; Drake you’re cool for now.


  1. Women that call themselves “bad” or “pretty”.  Can you pretty please shut the f*ck up! Real women that are “bad” or “pretty” never needs to say there are.   That’s what other people are there for. Thanks!


  1. People that are praising the sky and Jay-Hova for Jay-Z and Beyonce’s upcoming child, shut the f*ck up! This child isn’t the second coming and our kingdom hasn’t come. Women are impregnated everyday; if you listen closely you can hear someone being impregnated now. 


  1. People who are bashing President Obama for not turning this economy around in three years, please shut the f*ck up! It took ten years for the economy to become solid after the Great Depression. Obama isn’t a miracle man, he’s just a man.


  1. People who believe ignorance is a cool trend… sit the f*ck down and read a book!


  1. Hey, you bigots that believe 9/11 was done by all Muslims, please shut the f*ck up! Terrorists destroyed the World Trade Center, not Muslims. Since we’re playing the blame game, we might as well blame Christians for lynching African Americans in the south throughout the 60’s. See, doesn’t feel good, does it?


  1. People who live their “fantasy life” through social networks, shut the f*ck up! Go outside and live your “real life!” Trust me, it’s easier.


  1. People who gossip or are nosey, please shut the f*ck and focus your attention or something that needs your attention; like your future goals for start! I don’t care about any hearsay, that’s for high school. Life is too short to care about antics and negativity.


  1. People who have any type of drama, “beef,” or grudges against another person, get the f*ck over it. We all are adults; if you can’t talk to a person about the tension between one another then go hold a train on the tracks for me. Life is too short, the world is too big, and words of nonsense are meaningless. Hug it out.


I just think each day is a blessing, why waste our days on gossiping, overly idolizing celebrities, arguing, relationship drama, insane mindsets, pointless trends, ignorance, false livelihoods, shallowness, and unintelligent days? If we as humans cut out the insignificant aspects in our life, the stars would be in our palms. We would be truly sublime because anything we focus on wouldn’t be a dream or fantasy. With that being said, what’s your life goal?



About Mr. Blair

Eric Blair was born in August of 1984 in Philadelphia, PA, and raised in the North Philly section of the city. He has always enjoyed stories, schemes, and the complexities of plots. At a young age he discovered that he could create narratives full of adventures, creativity, and intrigue. It was this realization that caused him to fall in love with the art of storytelling. At age of twenty-one Eric began writing comic books. His first professional book “Hip-Hop Chronicles” was written for Space Dawg Entertainment in 2004. Eric’s writing style ranges from descriptive to expository writing, where the writing serves to explain and inform the audience. He uses thoroughly developed characters, clever situations, and witty conversation style and tone to keep readers engaged. Eric is inspired by authors who can evoke an emotional response from the reader, as well as authors who can blend elements of fact with fiction to construct a great piece. Eric is currently working on a series of comic books that are soon to be published, his recent writings have been guest featured on several online blogs. He works on perfecting his craft by consistently updating his work, editing pieces, reviewing the latest relevant material, and surrounding his self with like minded, creative, intelligent people.


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