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Montreal Students Riot Over Tuition Hike [Video]
Comments Off on Montreal Students Riot Over Tuition Hike [Video], 26/04/2012, by in Edu-tainment, my people, News, Politics As Usual, Protest/Activism, Technology, Video, World News

Violence erupted in the streets of Montreal Wednesday night after talks broke down between student groups and the Quebec government, leading to 85 arrests and shattered windows. Several police officers were also injured in the riot that left the city stunned Thursday. Banks and other busines... Read more...

Officer Bawse’s Def Jam John Gotti Mafia Imitation Doll

What in the Phillip Banks? What in the Terry Crews? What in the Weight Watchers microwave meals? What in the Isaac Hayes? No wait... What in the Chef? Is this n*gga serious???? He becomes more & more of a spectacle of himself everyday... Like 2Pac did at one point. Sad. Says Eska... Read more...